SHUT OUT                                   KELLY JAMIESON

The Bayard College hockey team isn’t where Jacob Flass thought he’d be a season ago. He was a rising star in the Canadian major junior league, cruising toward a spot on an NHL roster—until a single disastrous night on the town brought it all crashing down. Now he’s out of options, except for playing well, studying hard, and staying away from girls. He’s not supposed to be flirting with the hottest, sweetest chick he’s ever met. But how could he possibly stay away?
Skylar Lynwood knows that Jacob is out of her league. She’s just trying to go with the flow, which isn’t easy when six feet and four inches of total hockey hunkiness is making a play for her one moment, then giving her the cold shoulder the next. Skylar’s head tells her that this rugged athlete isn’t worth her time, but her body says something altogether different. Risking her heart for Jacob may be the craziest thing she’s ever done . . . but she won’t let him shut her out.

          This is a sports story that surrounds a hockey player Jacob Flass.  Who transfers into Bayard College in New York.  Close to the border of Canada where he is from.  It was due to a lot of strings being pulled that he was able to get into the college and he is eligible for the NHL draft.
     You see due to a sexual assault charge that he denied immensely along with two other team members and not enough if any evidence to charge them he was able to be eligible to still be up for the draft.  Upon arriving he would have to attend a week long, a one-hour class on sexual assault prevention and awareness.
     A few nights before he met another sophomore student Skylar Lynwood.  A very sweet, outgoing, and straightforward young woman.  She too is nineteen.  After watching Jacob with his teammates and also trying to fend off the puck bunnies (their word for them not hers) she found it amusing.  He was the DD (designated driver) at this party so a soda was his hardest drink of the night.  Only making him pee more.
     So, when he found a huge line downstairs he decides to hit the one upstairs.  He was a little miffed after the last party he had been to and when he ventured up the stairs.  But when you got to go you got to go.  So, when he finds it and starts to walk in and there stands Skylar picking up her pants from using the potty.  He hears a squeak.  He steps out quickly and asks through the door, ‘why didn’t she lock it?’
     Skylar says she did.  When she opens it to talk with him as she washes her hands he checks the door finding out the lock is broken.  When all of a sudden, the puck bunny is up on them.  Wanting to talk to him.  He pushes Skylar in asking like they are Boyfriend and girlfriend.  Like, Babe, you need to wash your hands.  Then he asks her really quick why the door is closed if she can watch the door and not let the puck bunny in and if she can act like his girlfriend so that they will leave him alone.
     She’s like, You, poor baby.  The little bunnies scare you.  He just starts laughing and a friendship of sorts is formed.  So, he tells her to look out the door and he was right they had multiplied.  She does what he asked.  As they go down the stairs he asks her to be his fake girlfriend for the school year because he needs to stay out of trouble and buckle down with school.  Since she does too she agrees.
     From the moment she says yes, their chemistry is off the charts.  They forget half the time when they are kissing they forget that fact, that's when they kiss to make it look real for other it’s steaming hot.  But they are both carrying the burden of a secret deal with a sexual assault.  The Awareness training alone makes this off the charts must read.  My only question is does he make the NHL?   I give this: 5 ++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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