THE BET                                      ELIZABETH HAYLEY

Jace "the Jet" Benning is a legend on the football field. And off. He has the arm, the charm, and the reputation of being the hottest player in the league.

Too bad Dr. Alessandra Mastrazacoma is not impressed.

With a busy schedule and a bruised heart, Alessandra doesn't have time to date, but when she is lured into making a friendly bet with her best friend, she finds herself agreeing to go out with the next guy that asks...and to give him three shots, three dates, before pulling the plug.

Jace also has a friendly wager with his friends going, and it involves making sure the slightly klutzy, but very pretty, doctor will be his date to the biggest night in sports. With two wagers and two hearts on the line, will Aly and Jace win or are they betting to lose?
     Can two people from totally different backgrounds and current lifestyles come together sexually and maybe in a relationship?  Especially, when one speaks like an encyclopedia and on speaks like a frat boy?
     Well, maybe all it takes is a bet from some well-meaning friends.  Alessandra Mastrazacoma is an oncologist who works with children.  She’s very beautiful, wickedly smart, and so afraid of her shadow it makes her clumsy outside of just her job.  She feels unsure there sometimes too.
     She has credits behind her name and is even published medical issues but her boss is not only out to get her by making her feel less than in her job field but his sexual overtones are becoming harder to turn a cheek on to the point of fear.
     While with one of her patients she meets Jace Benning.  A pro football player a star quarterback who had befriended a young teen boy with cancer.  Since he couldn’t say her name and didn’t want to call her what the kids called her, Dr. Maz, he came up with his own, Dr. Coma.  Knowing it flustered her even more which endeared her to him.  Plus, he figured out she hates nicknames.  After she leaves he stays a little longer then leaves.
     When he encounters her in the hall talking to another Dr. she looks uncomfortable, even more than usual.  When all of a sudden, she says, “Hey honey there you are.” And plants a kiss on him.  So, he gets into it.  She ends the kiss he asks who she’s with.  She explains oh this is my ex when her ex-says, “OMG!
 Sandy your dating Jace Benning.”
     The shake hands and he saID, “Come on Babe, we need to go to lunch.”  He had saved her bacon but she told him not to let it go to his head.
     Then, they meet separately with their friends.  The girls come up with a plan to get a social life Aly has to date the first guy that asks her then three dates before she can turn him down for good.  Luckily, for Jace, the first guy built and sold unlicensed guns.  He was a bust.  So, Lane, her friend said, “Okay, the next guy for sure.”
     Not knowing that the three guys including Jace, Ben, and Gabe were all in need of dates to go to an awards function and dinner.  So, they decided to bet who could bring the most beautiful woman.  They chose Aly for him.  Because they thought, ‘no way will she make it with how clumsy she is.’
     Let the games begin.  Not knowing that the other was on a mission to fulfill their bet they started dating.  But found out they were sexually pleasing to one another.  Did they want more?  Aly’s third and final date would tell…
     I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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