Spanksgiving: A Collection of Erotic Spanking Stories

SPANKSGIVING                                              LORI PERKINS

Thanksgiving needs a marketing do-over. It should be the sexiest time of the year when you consider that we get four full days off from work, too much good food and drink, football, left-overs, binge-watching, and the intoxicating rush of shopping, either in the flesh or online, for presents for others and yourself. And maybe even a trip back home to rekindle old flames. 

In these pages you’ll find some bonafide Thanksgiving smut, but this is mostly a collection of hot spanking stories featuring everything from alpha werewolves to strict librarians, and even an installment in Trinity’s Blacio’s continuing naughty stepbrother series. 


A book full of 9 erotic short stories. Some, of course, I thought better than others, but really I think it is all subjective on who is reading these. For example, one story was about a stepbrother, another story happened on her birthday, one was a librarian, also one where the women were in charge of a younger man. Overall not a bad book and good for what it advertised. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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