Goldmine Record Album Price Guide

GOLDMINE RECORD                             DAVE THOMPSON

Whether you're new to the scene or an experienced collector, Goldmine Record Album Price Guide, 10th edition, is your vinyl answer. Featuring more than 110,000 albums covering 60 years of music history, the catalog is your best and most trusted resource for buying, selling or simply enjoying a record collection.

Historian and pricing expert Dave Thompson heads a team of vinyl pros dedicated to bringing you the finest resource available to a treasure trove of American-released albums.

As it has for more than two decades, this completely vetted reference features:
An easy-to-use format for effortless discovery and fun
Current values and key identification information including artist name, record label, catalog number, format details, release date and more.
Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Blues and more
Listings for Various Artists Collections, Soundtracks, and Original Cast Recordings
The venerable Goldmine Grading Guide, the most widely used source for determining album condition in the hobby today.


I have an older version of the record guide by Goldmine. This one was an ARC sent digitally. The biggest difference between the two is this one focused on the price of an album in very good or near mint condition. It is harder and harder to find those these days. Yes, you can buy one over the internet or even a record store, but the fun was always searching for the one you wanted to find. Nowadays that is just not the case and most people who don’t collect albums think every old album is worth really more than what it is. The real find of this book if you should look for it. Is when you do find a popular group says the “Beatles” magical mystery tour album the first pressing has what would become the hit songs on side “B” Strawberry fields forever, Hello Goodbye, Penny Lane. The second pressing and other pressings after that have those songs on side “A”. That is just one example. When you get to the older labels Imperial, Parkway and other older labels you can find which ones are first, second, third pressings by the different color of the label that is what makes up one part of the price. If you’re a true collector one of the older books would be better. For the average person a good look at the older albums and the history. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars Follow us

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