The Rancher’s Second Chance


Samantha Jenson likes things ordered. She’s managed to carefully plot out her life, creating lists along the way to keep her on track: Leave small town. No more cowboys—especially him. Get educated. Don’t even think about him. Become a professor. So far, she’s put a check in every box but the last.

When her family ranch in Texas goes to her after the death of her father and brother, she’s forced to return home to put things in order and to make sure the property doesn’t get into the hands of her shady cousin. Enter Cole Baker. Tough, hard, distant. Sexy. The kind of guy you’d want standing between you and an attacking bear. Or in your bed. He’s definitely not on Sammie’s to-do list. But when the two of them are thrown together to save the ranch, her list begins to look not quite so important.

No one had ever mistaken Cole for one of the good guys. In and out of trouble his whole life, his one brush with respectability came during the brief time he and Sammie dated in high school. Now, fresh out of the army, he finds himself suddenly navigating the world of single parenthood and is desperate to give his son stability. He needs a job and a place to stay, so when Sammie offers him the role of running the ranch, he swallows his pride and agrees.

All his life he’s let down everyone he loved, so he’ll try to focus on the job, and definitely not think about how beautiful Sammie is, how goddamn cute all her lists are or how good she is with his son. It’ll only end in heartbreak, just like before… right?


Samantha Jensen has made it at Yale and is now a professor. When she thinks everything is going good she gets a call and must return to the small Texas town that she is from and the families ranch. She is also hoping that her former high school boyfriend which she broke up with a letter is now happily married. Finding that the ranch needs lots of work and that her cousin wants the land if she falters to sell it. She finds Cole Baker who is back in town and also just out of the Army. She did not know, looking for a job because of his son she hires him and the heat builds between them once again. The ranch starts to work, and just when you think everything is going okay, she goes back to Yale. Now he must find a new place for his boy and find out how to save himself and save the ranch so it does not get sold. Find out how this all works out and if she comes back from Yale a second time. A really good story with very good characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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