A Cowboy for Keeps (Chestnut Creek #3)

A COWBOY FOR KEEPS                             LAURA DRAKE

There's not much that could rattle a cowboy like Reese St. James. But when his twin brother dies in a car accident, Reese is stunned to discover he has a six-month-old niece, Sawyer. Wanting to make up for lost time, Reese heads down to Unforgiven, New Mexico, to bring her home. He doesn't plan on Sawyer's guardian giving him any trouble, but the intriguing, independent woman is turning out to be more than he bargained for.

Lorelei West had given up hope of having a family of her own until her sister's tragic death brought little Sawyer into her life. And now there's no way she's going to let Reese take her away. Lorelei knows hotshot, good-looking cowboys like him -- she's dated enough of them -- and she intends to stand her ground. Yet the more time Reese and Lorelei spend together, the harder it is to deny the attraction building between them. But opening their hearts to a baby is one thing -- can they also open their hearts to the possibility of a happily-ever-after?


The author has taken you or us the readers back to Unforgiven the small town in New Mexico with the café which is owned by Carly, Nevada with her toned-down heavy metal music in the back cooking and Lorelei West the manager. Now she has enough problems with her mother at home with her alchemizes and just every problem that comes up or down with their home. Her new problem is not really a problem but a huge surprise with a dose of heartache. Her sister Pasty was killed in a car accident and has left a six-month-old that she knew nothing about. Now not only grieving she is also figuring out how to take care of an infant.
Later her next trouble comes in the form of a Texas cowboy who is the bother of the father of the baby and who also was killed in the car accident. The biggest difference is that he has money and she feels threatened by him, his money, and at times just about life. She is still working on her self esteem which is way low because of a former relationship so her way of dealing is by pushing people away. This is what she does with him.
Reese St. James is also dealing with issues he has from a deceased father and a living attorney who started out as his father’s and now is only causing him trouble and grief. Wanting to get to know his niece he has to also get to know Lorelei, which is a hit and miss at times. Both of these characters say and do things to each other that they don’t mean to but it is what happens when you keep so much of your feelings and emotions bottled up. Each character is taken through a transformation through this story and the author does a wonderful job going to great lengths with each character and showing their love for the baby as the bridge that will bring them together or at least get them to grow.
Read this wonderful story about life love, family, and caring about the people that you have grown up or around with especially in a small town for they are all of your family. A really good book with good characters. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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