Cowboy Strong (Dry Creek Ranch #3)

COWBOY TRONG                                          STACY FINZ

Sawyer Dalton may be an investigative journalist, but he has no interest in the story of the sexy stranger who has invaded his barn’s loft apartment on Dry Creek Ranch. After months on the road, he just wants to settle in. But according to his mother, publicist for the beautiful celebrity chef sleeping in Sawyer’s bed, Gina DeRose needs a place to hide out until a scandal dies down. And Sawyer can never say no to his mother . . .

Gina is devastated that her hard-won career is about to collapse. Someone is stirring up sabotage. And when a hoaxter blows up the internet with incriminating photos, even brooding—gorgeous—Sawyer is convinced she needs his help. Once they join forces, there’s no escaping each other—and with the heat simmering between them, soon neither wants to try . . .


This is my first time reading this author and though I did like the writing per se, my problem with the story begins at the beginning and with the title. “Cowboy Strong” is a good title the problem for me is the way Sawyer treated Gina DeRosa at the beginning. No cowboy by the true meaning or gentleman would have taken her in the middle of the night and left her at a cabin even if it was on their property. One he did not know the condition of the inside of it and two he left her with nothing. I understand it is a story but I just could not get past what he did and yet he wanted to be a cowboy, he wasn’t even a gentleman. Then you have him constantly saying that Gina is spoiled when in my opinion he was the one that was spoiled and arrogant, that was my take.
He immediately believes all of the press about her and thinks she is guilty without really looking at everything. When he finally starts to look at what is being said about her, he begins to believe what she is saying that she is innocent. Of course, by then he is eating the food that she has been making and he is warming up to the idea that she is more than just the person that has a cooking show.
Another part of this story has Sawyer looking for his missing sister and you get a look into that investigation as well. You do find out what happens with Gina, with the ranch and what all of them are going to do with it to make it profitable, what happens to the ranch next to theirs that is for sale who will buy it? Theses questions and a few others will all be answered. Even with my dislike at the beginning, the story improved and so I decided to give it 4 stars instead of three. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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