If Tomorrow Ever Comes


An actor who's lost his soul

There is nothing studios won't give for my name in their movie, whether it's money, women, or fame. But fame bores me. Money? I have more than enough. And women? Not interested in the Hollywood types. The one thing I crave they can't give me. The redemption of my soul. For you see, I committed the ultimate sin, one I can't take back. I can't find absolution. No matter how hard I try. Until I land in a small beach town for a summer production and meet a waitress with a heart of gold.

A down-on-her-luck waitress

The last thing I want is another man in my life. The last one stole every penny from me. Money I'd been saving to go back to school. If I work double shifts at the diner, I just might earn enough. But only if I keep my eye on the ball. Only if I'm not sidelined by distractions.

A summer they won't forget

But when a stranger stumbles into my diner one stormy night looking for a meal and a place to stay, I offer the unthinkable--shelter in my home. When he's gone in the morning, I think that's the end. But I’m wrong. Dead wrong. Because the stranger returns, and this time he wants much more than my couch. He wants me in his bed.

If Tomorrow Ever Comes is a standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA, smexy times, and lots of pies.


I found this to be a wonderful book. Rain Truitt is a waitress at a small local diner when one night a man comes stumbling into the dinner after crashing his motorcycle. She eventually tales him home where he sleeps on her couch, he is then gone in the morning.
A few weeks go by and the town is all the buzz, it seems that the new Ryder Stone movie is going to be filed in her home town. When the crew comes to town, she starts dating a man who just happens looks just like Ryder, he gets her to believe in a man named Dave saying he is the body double. With the story moving along you find out about Ryder’s past and how that has kept him from wanting a family again. With Rain’s life taking off again, going back to college and many she has nothing but hope. It is not until his past comes back into play that he now he sees that he wants a baby with Rain as well. I also like the epilog as well. A very good story with wonderful character. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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