Hooking Him (How to Catch an Alpha #3)

HOOKING HIM                                             AURORA ROSE REYNOLDS

Anna McAlister needs a new life. But that doesn’t mean she needs a new man. After leaving her fiancĂ© and Chicago behind, she promises herself no dating until she finds what she’s looking for. But meeting one seriously hot and determined detective has her questioning herself.

Calvin Miller is that detective, and he’s been burned by women in the past. It’s easy for him to sleep alone and focus on his work, but the moment he lays eyes on Anna, he starts imagining sexy nights with her wrapped in his sheets. Maybe it’s time to get back out there.

But just as the attraction between them begins to sizzle, Anna’s past shows up to create trouble. And to make matters worse, a string of murders forces Calvin to juggle his new relationship and his career. His worst fear? That the two are somehow connected.

Can they find love together, or will her past and his duty sink their hopes?


Anna McAlister has left Chicago, her ex, parents, and everything else behind her for a new start. She hopes she finds that in a small little town. Not looking for romance as a lot of stories go, she of course is attracted to a detective Calvin Miller. He is also not looking for a relationship, but as always, they find each other. Just as it looks like maybe something could happen between these two, he is having to work a string of murders and she has to deal with her past.
When you begin this book the relationship between Anna and the golden girls really adds to this story. In the opening, you get a full taste of it when they are on there way to bingo and are not going to make it. Of course, Anna and Calvin meet and he in not so many words calls her a dog or makes reference to a dog, which as a male you do not make those statements around a female at any age, I was taught this at a very young age. Calvin not so much. He is scolded soon when he arrives home by his mother who has of course heard about it and has told him he will apologize to Anna. He does so the next day but again even the apology does not go well for him either hence what you have is two people who get under each other’s skin and you the reader is waiting for when they will get under the sheets.
A very good book with good characters and I really liked the golden girls who really added to the story. Her parents were not really parents but were needed for the story. Of course, the two lead characters were good as well. A book that is very much worth your time. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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