BILLIONAIRE'S BUN IN THE OVEN (Everything For Love Series Book 1)


As the owner of Sweet Thing bakery, sweet is my business so I know a little something about delicious…

Then I discovered that tasting one ripped Billionaire could make me forget all about dessert! Who needs dessert, right?

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than the deliciousness of his confections… I mean affections, I discovered we had an unexpected little honeybun in the oven. Suddenly life felt extra sweet! Until it didn't.

I lost my sweet tooth for the Billionaire who broke my heart and nearly my ruined newly flourishing bakery business.

Now I don’t give a hoot about the fact that he’s the father of the baby I’m carrying. He’s off the menu…for good!

But, he has something else in mind, with all sorts of tricks up his sleeve for igniting my sweet tooth again.…

Billionaire's Bun in the Oven (Formerly published as Everything Delicious) is Book 1 in the Everything for Love Series and will have you craving the sweet things in life. A fun, steamy love affair set in Charleston South Carolina, this story is about an unexpected love that blooms between a sexy billionaire businessman and the successful pastry chef. They are head over heels and Alyssa adores him even for being so great about her emotional support dog, Cocoa. Then a few twists and turns in the shape of a troubling secret and a surprise pregnancy make a big mess of things. It takes some serious effort but they do find they're happily ever after!

No cheating and no cliff hanger. Everything Delicious is a lighthearted Contemporary Romance perfect for pet lovers and those with a taste for all things delicious.

This book is Book 1 of the Everything for Love Series


Alyssa had a trauma filled beginning in life. She and her twin Alex have been all they had for the last two years. Wait, hold up. Let me back up. There is Dan, Alyssa’s all-around bestie since college.


He knows fashion better than she does and he will tell you so. When Alyssa and Alex lost their grandparents and Alyssa needed Cocoa her. Therapy dog everyone was on board to make it happen. Dan even came to support her dream of opening her own bakery, and she has.


Sweet Thing is a success. Although the trauma from her childhood still haunts her, Dan and Cocoa make everyday life easier. On this night they go to a concert in the park. When a well to do man crashes into her. Getting mustard all over his shirt.


Instead of being angry, he can’t take his eyes off her. Apologizes to her and buys her two new hot dogs to replace what had been spilled. They are both taken with one another. But their meet-cute is broken when Dan comes running up saying there’s an emergency at work.


Their next meet she’s walking Cocoa. He asks her out to dinner. The romance is fast as you would expect by the blurb and the cover. But this was so sweet and Grant is so humbled hearing about her therapy dog vs. service dogs. I even looked up the difference too.


Sweet loving characters and I love how the author made the store work so well around her trauma and her dealings with it in her life. Then, how she is now allowing it to be an excuse but a driving force in her life. I give this: 5 stars. Found on Amazon for free. Follow us at

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