RYAN: SILVER FOX                               LYDIA VALENTINE

An apprentice in love. A talented, gorgeous artist is helping her. But can she ever be good enough?

All that Alexis wants… Oh, if only she knew what she truly wanted!

The one good thing that had come out of this year was her break up with her boyfriend Mike, who kept putting her down for years. Good riddance to him, but now what? With her confidence destroyed completely, and with limited skills other than art not worth mentioning, what is she going to do? Will she ever become a success?

Becoming Ryan’s tattoo artist apprentice at Shadow Ink was the best thing that could have happened to her. Twenty years her senior-and a talented, accomplished tattoo artist Ryan could never look at her in any other way other than as his apprentice. Alexis hangs off his every word; she might even make it……if she doesn’t ruin it.

And she fears that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Maybe if her luck changes she’s got a chance, after all, both as a tattoo artist – her dream job! – and finding love again.


Ryan is the owner of a successful tattoo shop. When one day Alexis shows up asking to be his apprentice. To her surprise, this extremely well-known tattoo artist is willing to take her under his wing. He boosts her self-esteem, which had been taking a hit from her now ex-Mike.


Working so closely with the silver foxed Ryan, the man is seriously in great shape and sexy as all get out. She has gotten to know him rather well. Yet, this twenty-four-year-old is getting to love being around him. His outlook on life is just amazing


Not only is he a great mentor as a tattoo artist, but he gives great advice, and really knows how to boost her self-confidence. To once again believe in herself. Telling her that her ex-was never good enough for her.


She made sure never to reveal her feelings for Ryan or allow them to come forward in any way. Until, one night after they went for only one drink. That's when she lets it slip. She is such a lightweight. This makes work the next day extremely uncomfortable for her.


This is an endearing story of two people who have had really bad relationships. They are looking for their puzzle peace and stability. Is it with each other? I believe in HEA. I give this: 4 stars.

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