QUARTERBACK                                     JESS WINTERS

Being in love with a billionaire is one thing, but falling in love with the quarterback of the Atlantic Bulls whose head coach is your father? That is on a whole other level!

Katie Bersat finds herself in an on and off relationship with Steven Wilson. After her father threatens to enforce a transfer of Steven to a different team after finding out about their relationship, Kate is forced to keep off and let him be. But their attraction goes beyond the physical and she finds herself connecting with him on a whole new level.

Image is important for her and as she carries on with her daily activities she finds herself being drawn back to the arms of her man. This time he proposes to her and wants to make their union not only official but permanent.

Will Kate heed her father’s words and stay away from her bad boy who is “always high on cocaine” as her father says? Or will she roll the dice and choose love above all else?


For fifty-two pages she had some strong characters, the bases for a strong story, and spice. Yet, it feels like I came into it, somewhere in the middle of the story after that. We know nothing about the couple or how they met. Why does she still see a man addicted? Or is it because he can't be with her because she is not a woman who will fight for what she wants and her man?


Why doesn’t she ever tell Steven about her father’s threats? I can't see him agreeing to her father's threats. I think he would gladly ask to be traded. Katie seems to want to be in control and needed it that why? She is a PR agent yet seems very passive in her own life. She never states what she wants until the end.


She’s in the PR business yet she fell for her evil father’s ploy, really? No, real ending. What happens? I give this: 3 stars.

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