Love and Theft

LOVE AND THEFT                                      STAN PARISH

When Alex and Diane meet, there are instant, undeniable sparks. Both are single parents living in wealthy suburbia: independent, highly competent, and seemingly settled in their comfortable lives. She runs a successful catering business. He's a detail-oriented, rough-hewn thief who robs banks, casinos, and jewelry stores. They're immediately drawn to each other, but neither realizes initially that their lives have overlapped once before, under dangerous circumstances.
Soon, their shared history and burgeoning relationship will threaten everything they love. One of Alex's biggest jobs goes wrong, and both of their children's lives are suddenly threatened. Alex is forced to pull off one last spectacular, international caper in order to save his family. And just when Alex believes he knows exactly who Diane is and what she's capable of, he learns he's not the only one with dark secrets--he's finally met his match.
This is a deeply suspenseful and entertaining thriller about the illusion of control, deceiving appearances, and the fundamental importance of family. It's about how far we'll go to escape our past, to get the things we want, and to protect the things--and the people--we love.


This book is everything that is advertised and more. From the opening scenes to the very last page I glued to this story and even then, I was still wanting more. As the book opens and you are taken from a call in the Vegas dispatcher you are then taken to another scene, while the robbery is taking place the author takes you eyes of a young boy and his phone where he is videoing the scene even to the point of making sure that the blinking icon appears so the boy knows he is recording.
You are taken through each scene as part of the criminals and also the investigators. To all of the different places around the Globe, this story takes you to and also different characters you meet along the way. Each one has a purpose and is key to this story and some you take you back in time with a young criminal just starting out and how everything comes full circle. When you get to the end you should be ready for some surprises and plenty of twists. This is a fantastic story that you will not want to put down but will be with you for a while and you will think about the next time you walk into a Vegas Casino. I received this book from I gave it 5 Stars. Follow us at


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