CeeCee's Cowboys (Big Sky #6)

 CEECEE'S COWBOY'S                             FRANKIE LOVE

When CeeCee arrives at Uncle Billy's ranch the summer she turns eighteen, she expects a blue sky summer.
What she gets is so much more.
There are two new cowboys working at Cherry Lane Ranch.
Levi and Cody love this place as much as CeeCee and don't want to jeopardize their jobs.
But that was before they laid eyes on this sweet-as-pie virgin.
They've been saving themselves for the one and she's just arrived.
They say two is better than one ... but three is triple the fun.


Cee Cee comes to live at her grandfathers’ ranch and she finds out that he has hired two young work hands since the last time she had been there. Now spending a day outside working and then seeing both Levi and Cody working without their shirts on she finds herself thinking about both of them as she tries to fall asleep.
She never closes her eyes because the two guys come into her room and just talk to her at first. Not understanding she tells them she is attracted to both and would not want to choose. Which is fine for them for they both want her. After thinking about and when she finds out they are virgins like her she decides what better way than to be with two men you are attracted to both. The story is done in such a way before you know it you are getting to the end. There are two epilogues which were good and this was a really good book with good characters. I got this book from Amazon. Follow us at

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