My Best Friend's Brother (Make Her Mine #1)


 My best friend’s older brother and the center of every single one of my fantasies.

He’s a walking, talking temptation.
That cocky grin and those broad, athletic shoulders.
You know what they say about a man with big hands right?
Growing up, we always tormented one another.
I was the nagging, annoying little girl he hated.
And he was the man-whoring, douchebag I couldn’t seem to get over.
Now as adults he actually came through and helped me land a job at my dream company.
How the hell am I supposed to focus when all I can think about is tearing that tight suit from his tempting body!
What’s even worse?
He forgot to mention he’s my boss.


When your hearts fall in love at five and eight what can you possibly do but fight against it especially when she’s your youngest sister’s best friend? That’s exactly what happened to Jazzy and Damon. Not only were they next-door neighbors their commonality was Damon’s sister, Maddie. As the trio ages, Demon becomes the two girl’s self-proclaimed protector and defender. Jazzy had to watch him parade all kinds of girls that she felt she could never aspire to be in their realm of excellence in beauty.

However, looking back he had them deflect from what he truly wanted which was her. Knowing the family and Maddie in particular made. Making it hard on both of them. On the other hand, doing this to piss off Damon came easily, especially when you have a free friend like Maddie to lead you down the broken trail of independence.

When Damon lends a hand getting Jazzy a job within his company she joins with great joy. Yet, when she arrives she’s annoyed, feeling like once again Damon is not taking her seriously and pranking her. She finds out that Damon omitted the fact that she will not be coming up through the normal ranks stepping in as Damon’s P.A. Are things in the past really the way they remember it? Or were they feeling overly sensitive not being seen and truly acknowledge by the other?

Those remain to be seen, but I can tell you this, the does the POV in the moment of what is happening around them. Not just thoughts but in conversation with one another. No light questioning here the ask the tough one to have the one that had hurt your heart back then and now it needs and wants answers. Not sure how I felt about Maddie. In comparison to the rest of the feel of their story, she is negative. Sexual content.

I give this: 5 ++++ stars. Found free on Amazon.

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