Beckett (Alpha Company Renegades #1)

BECKETT                                                      KALI HART


The last place I want to be is out at a bar, stuck on a horrible double date, wearing these stupid shoes.
Not surprisingly, I almost kiss the concrete when I trip.
I’m saved by the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.
Too bad I’m here with someone else.
But when my date crosses the line, my military hero is there to save me.
Though the sparks between us are instant, I have to guard my heart.
I’m tired of feeling like I owe people for helping me.
If only we had met at another time when my life wasn’t such a mess.


When I catch the curvy beauty in my arms, I’m instantly drawn to her.
I don’t even know her name, but I know I have to have her.
I only came out tonight to keep an eye on my guys and make sure they stay out of trouble.
But once I meet Sara, I feel the need to protect her at all costs.
Especially from her date.
She’s guarded, and I can’t blame her.
She’s been taken advantage of for far too long.
But I’ll stop at nothing until she realizes that the only thing I want from her is her heart.

Sweet & Steamy short story insta-love romance with an alpha military hero and younger curvy woman with a HEA. NO cliffhangers. NO cheating.


When Sara is guilted into attending an outdoor concert with her not so nice roommate, Rachel she truly regrets it. Not only will she have to suffer through a date with, Chad, but Rachel has her wearing these ‘killer’ pencil heels. She says they make her look hot or something. Yeah, she thinks, ‘Yeah, my BBW ass thanks you but my feet hate you I’m sure.’ They stop at the bar first where of course Rachel ditches her to get to her date. As Sara weaves through the crowd on uneven concrete she gets tripped up. Her drink goes flying and she’s seeing blue sky waiting for the hard hit.

All she feels are two muscular arms and chest around her as they save her and some chilly metal dog tags falling into her ample cleavage. Military man for sure. When he brings her up to standing her doesn’t release her. She’s thinking they both like the feeling and contact. He asks if I’m alright and steady. She mentions the shoes and he asks is she has another pair? Let the bantering begin. Their chemistry is fast and real but then they both remember the real world around them. They disconnect and she finally ends up with Chad.

There is something about Sara that tells Beckett to keep an eye out. When she goes to sit at the very table of one of the men in his unit he needs to watch heightens his senses even more for his girl. This may be an OTT short but it’s sweet. I give this: 5 stars. Received during July book giveaway.

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