High Stakes Gamble (Vegas #4)

HIGH STAKES GAMBLE                           MIMI BARBOUR

Aurora loves her mommy role and is fascinated by her little angel, Lily. When babies start to disappear in Vegas, not once did Aurora ever imagine that Lily would be one of the kidnapped victims. So when the unthinkable happens, it forces Aurora to once again partner with Lily’s daddy, Kai, who’d previously walked out on her. This time, her heart will be kept firmly in lock-down where it’s safely resided since he disappeared and left her high and dry.

Almost a year later, still heartbroken over having lost Aurora, Kai learns he’s become a daddy. When a crazy lunatic kidnaps his baby girl, nothing can stop him from working the case, not even Aurora’s gun pointing at places on his body he’d like to keep intact. Hope arises when Aurora’s lips tell him to drop dead, but her hungry eyes plead for more of his tender brand of loving.


This is book four in the series. Aurora is settling into being a single mother since she could never get ahold of Kai after he took off from their last case together. Now wanting to get back to work because someone is stealing babies she feels the mothers’ pain.
It really hits home for her when her baby is kidnaped at the doctor’s office. Now everyone is crazy because they know she is back. Back also is Kai. You find out what happened to him and what he was doing. You also see that he is back in Vegas and is there for her and also their child. As much as Aurora wants to shot him she can’t because she is still in love with the SOB and she has never had those feelings with anyone else.
The rest of the book is finding a group that is trafficking woman and children, also looking for her child that when she finds who has her it is a surprise at least for me. What was not a surprise was Aurora’s grit when talking to the spineless FBI agent in charge and how she is and was not afraid of anything. Her character stayed true along with don’t mess with a mothers’ child for you will see a different creature. I liked this story and the characters. I got this book from Amazon. Follow us at


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