Peggy Lee: A Century of Song

 PEGGY LEE                                                         TISH ONEY

Lee stood out among her peers as an exquisite singer possessing a cool vocal style, a songwriter frequently collaborating with leading composers of American jazz and film music, and a globally-loved entertainer with star quality. Tish Oney sheds new light upon this Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner's impressive musical talents while guiding the reader through the best of Lee's fifty-plus albums, radio and TV performances, creative contributions to the film industry, and over half a century of finely-polished live performances.

Oney focuses on the evolution of Peggy Lee's recorded music, vocal development, artistic achievements, and contributions to American music while interviews with Lee's family, friends, and music colleagues reveal new insights and memories of this musical icon. Peggy Lee enables readers to discover a brilliant artist's inimitable legacy in the history of American popular music.


I found this book to be full of information about a woman that I grew up listening to. What I did not know though was that she also wrote songs and some for movies. One of her most famous ones was “Lady and the Tramp”. That was very interesting information.
Here the book follows her life from Jamestown North Dakota to then singing with the Benny Goodman Band then leaving with another band member to marry they moved to Hollywood. Here is where she would write for movies and star in some and also co-write with other people and come out with other albums. “New American Blues” and “Pete Kelly Blues” would be two big records for her. She would write three songs for the movie “Lady and the Tramp” the title song which she sang, the Siamese cat song, and “He’s a Tramp”. This I did not know. She would later co-write a song with Duke Ellington and also Cy Coleman. Still her rendition of the song “Fever” from 1958 which is still a fantastic song and one that I remembered her from. Once I learned about her I then knew that I had heard her also growing up for my father listened to Benny Goodman and so she was one of the early singers. The information about her songwriting I did not know and was glad to find out. Overall a very good book about a wonderful singer. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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