INSIDE THE VAULT                              AMIL DINSIO
Posted:  Feb. 10, 2015

Millions of dollars sat in a small, non-descript bank perched on a hill in the quiet town of Laguna Niguel in Orange County. But deep within its vaults was a secret: millions of dollars in illegally obtained funds belonging to none other than President Richard Nixon. Those stolen funds would not remain Nixon's for long. Over the weekend of March 24, 1972, a crew of bank burglars from Youngstown, Ohio orchestrated a burglary of the vault, which would eventually result in a score of over twelve million dollars - the biggest bank vault burglary in U.S. history. This book tells the remarkable true story of that burglary, written by the real-life mastermind who planned it: Amil Dinsio, one of the most successful and prolific bank robbers and burglars of the 1960s and 70s. Dinsio reveals not only the technical details on how the crime was committed, but also how the perfect burglary was undone by the FBI's dirty tricks.

I found this book to be very interesting. Written by the one of the men who robbed banks in the Midwest in the 60’s and 70’s, He takes you through his back ground and how he got into robbing banks and how his crew were very good at it. He starts off the book saying that yes he did rob the bank in Orange County in 1972, but that the way the evidence was obtained without warrants, and that there was some evidence planted that started the search should have been thrown out of court, but was not. That during discovery when the prosecution is supposed to show the defense what they have that was not done and then when more so called evidence did appear when his lawyer was able to discredit one piece another piece would all of a sudden appear. During the middle of the trail he knew he was through but he finished the trail anyway and spent his time in prison. In the book he explains how the Laguna Niguel, bank job comes up and he also finds out that the bank is were current President Nixon, has an account. Plus he does not mention it but that area then as now has some very influential people. He took more than just the money, he also took jewels and other items, so you have some very pissed off people. He did not see the backlash that would come from this by not knowing all of the people who had items in the bank. He just knew about Nixon and did not look any further. Plus as a favor he brought along two guys from a local mobster, I think one was related but he knew that the word on the street was these two could not be trusted and when they got caught for some other crime weeks later they rolled over on him. I will say that he came across as honest admitting all he did and also his wife stuck by him the entire time which also says something for him. As for, what the F.B.I. did in collecting or gathering the evidence and the way they did it. I do believe most of what he says. They had been after him for decades and they needed to make a case, yes the evidence was tainted, I have read stories where they have done this plus I have heard people say they were detained and certain items were taken and then after so many hours they were free to go, of course they did not have their item like a camera and did not say anything because they were happy to be leaving. So he is writing this book so the average citizen can be aware what the F.B.I. or other agency can do to you to make up evidence, and to protect us. Still this is a interesting story. I got this book from net galley.  4 STARS


DEATH IN VEGAS                                 MARGARET GOODMAN, MD
Posted:  Feb. 10, 2015

Death in VegasDr. Olivia Norris takes on the mostly male world of Las Vegas boxing power brokers. Olivia is a brilliant, attractive Chicago neurologist, married to her work, admired by her colleagues, and estranged from her family. When her brother, a rising boxing star, is tragically injured in a championship prize fight, Olivia swoops in to uncover what went wrong. Did Curtis’s bout go on too long? What injuries did he suffer and why? Did the ringside physician give him appropriate care? Is the hospital doing everything they can for him?

Her search for answers forces Olivia to reconnect with her family. She uncovers secrets from her past that have a powerful impact and inspire her to dig even deeper into the dark world of performance-enhancing drugs. 

To find the real truth, she travels to Mexico with the handsome, former ringside physician Dr. Bart Rossi. There, they find themselves attracted to each other, while also uncovering the dangerous, illegal side of boxing. Before she can return home, Olivia realizes that her determination to find the truth could kill her and her new friends too.

Both mystery and romance, DEATH IN VEGAS is a page-turner that offers a unique perspective on sports from an insider –a former ringside physician who is an outspoken advocate for boxers.

This book is fiction but the message is all about the safety or lack thereof in the boxing world. The author Margaret Goodman, MD. Has made the characters seem real and the story real as you are reading this book. About a female doctor who is neurology and is at the department heads house for a party when a boxing event happens on the TV, she tries to leave but is stopped repeatedly before she hears that Curtis Montana is down and there is something horribly wrong, the announcers are wondering why no medical staff are rushing to the ring and it seems like it is taking forever. You then find out the back story between the mother, daughter, brother, sister and what a story it is. Through a divorce she kept her father’s name her brother changed his name to their mother’s maiden name. She leaves Chicago and arrives in Las Vegas and is having to not only deal with her brother who is barely alive but also a mother who she does not get along with. Then more and more is reviled as the story goes along. Another boxer had passed away a few weeks back and one before that, once she starts to get comfortable she makes Las Vegas her permanent home and then more questions are brought up after the reading of the will when her brother passed away. This makes her and another doctor and a reporter to start digging around to find out why these tragedies are happening. During their investigation another boxer dies and this starts them in the direction that they had not seen before because they all had been going to a certain trainer, medical person who was not part of the boxing commission. They thought it was legal listening to other people. This lead opens up to hopefully start an investigation. The author is wanting to bring awareness to the lack of certain tests like MRI, not being so that by these test and others they can make the sport safe. So if a fighter shouldn’t fight he does not, for his protection not for the promoters. I hope more people read her book and listen to her in order to make boxing safer. An excellent book. I got this book from net galley. 4 STARS


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Jon D. Zimmer’s
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The Secret Invasion - Book One of The God Chronicles 
Fantasy, yet believable, a haunting love story, intrigue filled with betrayal, and horrific deeds fill the pages of this story of intense plots and complex characters

What appeared to be a beautiful hallucination has drawn Michael, a scientist, into a battle for the dominion of Earth. He is awakened one afternoon, not into the world of apparitions and hallucinations as he first thought, but into the world of reality by the most beautiful women he has ever seen, to help her capture a person from another dimension, from another time, but not from another place, Earth was where he was born.

One Dominic Dred has managed to leave the place where life continues after Earth, and returns in an attempt to be its ruler. He believes he has become a deity, and engages in a horrific war of treachery, betrayal, and homicide. The battle is in doubt throughout, and what seems to be a victory-is not.
There is a beautiful love story emerging between the protagonists Angelica and Michael. There is also the haunting question of whether their love will survive the battle between the two dimensions.  Their love is felt one morning as they are having breakfast, "There was so much beauty to see, the ocean, the seals of Seal Rock basking in the sun, the grand ships arriving and departing beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, but the only beauty they saw was in each other."

Published by SynergEbooks  
 ISBN: 978-0-7443-2168-5
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SPRING SHADOWS                                JENNIFER GRACEN
Posted:  Feb. 10, 2015

Spring Shadows (Seasons Of Love, #3)Lydia wasn’t looking for love. Having just finalized a difficult divorce, she attended her best friend’s destination wedding with a simple plan: to reconnect with old friends and take a much needed break from the stresses of single parenthood. But life had more in store for her. In AUTUMN GETAWAY, Book One of the Seasons of Love series, Lydia connected with charming, sensitive Sam over that weekend, and took a chance on someone new. Then, in WINTER HOPES, Sam and Lydia explored the excitement of blossoming romance. Even though a long distance relationship isn’t easy, in each other they found renewed hope, both overcoming past losses to learn to trust and love again. 

Now, in SPRING SHADOWS, Book Three of the series, author Jennifer Gracen brings Lydia and Sam one step closer to lasting happiness. But it isn’t all romance and roses. The realities of a long distance relationship held between Chicago and New York start to take a toll. Add in the complications posed by Sam’s overprotective brother, Lydia’s difficult ex-husband, and an unexpected tragedy, and it all threatens to tear them apart before they’ve even begun to truly be together.

Lydia and Sam must face their pasts and come to terms with old fears and insecurities. They need to focus on the things that really matter: true love, forgiveness, compassion, and fearless commitment--another leap of faith. Full of the sweetness and heartfelt emotion you’ve come to expect from the Seasons of Love series, SPRING SHADOWS shows us the power of purposeful communication, understanding, and unrelenting self-awareness, proving that true, lasting love is possible when nurtured by healing and hope.
     What can you do when you have a woman who has been beat up her whole life by the men in her life that should have loved and cherished her the most?  It was not a physical beating but it may as well have been one.  Because she learned at a young age that she need to put a protective shell on in order to survive.  One around her mind, body, soul, and most importantly her heart.
     You see when you are told over and over that you are not worth as much as say your sister, or you are just out and out ignored, or you are not even acknowledge for just being alive then you become invisible to the whole world or you just try to hide.  Not just your body but your heart and spirit.  That is what Lydia has done most of her life and Sam is trying to get her away from that behavior and make her acknowledge her beautiful mind, body, soul, and heart.
     Once again this book leaves off where book two “Winter Hopes” ends.  Lydia Powell and Sam Forrester our main characters are still the main focus.  There is more interaction in some way or form with her ex-husband, Matt over their son, Andy.  Not to mention a whole lot of commotion at Sam’s hometown of Chicago with his family.
     You see Matt found out that Lydia was going to meet with Sam for Christmas and it was one big nasty scene.  It might not have been so bad but he had no idea there was a Sam even in the picture.  He was so pissed he said he wanted Andy nowhere near Sam.  That Lydia was a slut and that he was thinking of taking her back into court for full custody of Andy.  Lydia just said not to threaten her but to bring it on if he wanted a fight he would get one. 
     On Christmas Day, Sam took her to his family’s home.  His parents, aunts, uncles, etc… were wonderful just mainly Paige and Alec (Sam’s brother and sister-in-law) had the chip like she did, but that chip was turning into a boulder when it came to Alec.  Lydia had a right to it and Alec didn’t.
     This story by far was the best of the three so far.  Talk about gut wrenching emotions, bring out the tissues.  Sam and Alec make some surprising changes in their lives and the family suffers a tragedy not sure Sam can survive.  I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.

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WINTER HOPES    #2                                JENNIFER GRACEN
Posted:  Feb. 10, 2015

Winter Hopes (Seasons Of Love, #2)Author Jennifer Gracen reunites sexy, sophisticated Sam and sweet but wounded Lydia in Book Two of the Seasons of Love series, ”Winter Hopes”. Newly divorced mom Lydia is still getting back on her feet, and still reeling from her intense encounter with Sam at a friend’s destination wedding. As they tentatively explore the demands and rewards of long-distance dating, their instant connection evolves against the vibrant backdrop of New York City. Each begins to trust again – opening up is difficult, even painful, but the joy and hope they feel in each other’s arms demands they lay their hearts on the line. Can their love survive the miles that separate them, and the complexities of nurturing a relationship via email, text and phone? And when Sam finally meets Lydia’s family, will old resentments and unspoken biases bring them closer together or driv e them apart? Full of the passion and tension any newly-joined couple experiences, this steamy yet hopeful book lays the foundation for Lydia’s budding relationship with Sam, and offers hope for second chances and a deep appreciation for the value of a loyal friend.

       This book starts off where book one “Autumn Getaway” leaves off.  The good thing it does do is that it eventually gives you a small catch up to what happened to this point.  I do recommend you read book one so you can become fully invested in the characters.
     Like when I say I am not happy by chapter 3 with Sam Forrester on behalf of Lydia Powell.  I kind of got the feeling he had to be “too good to be true.”  I guess we will see how it all plays out won’t we?  Luckily he had friends who seemed to talk him through it so let’s see if he heeded their advice. 
     Book two is a continuation of the relationship of Lydia and Sam.  Of how it effects the family members and friends around them.  Lydia opened herself up enough the weekend of her birthday to have Sam meet her sister Jane and family, especially her son Andy.  It all went well.  Cold feet came into play at dinner one night as he talks to a friend, but the friend is good enough to set him straight enough to now invite Lydia to Chicago for Christmas.  Can Lydia trust him enough with her heart?  Is she willing enough to go into the lion’s den where to enemy is called his family?
     I hope we find out in the third installment.  I liked book one’s ending better than this one that is for sure.  Only because I am invested in the characters.  I will continue to read the series of which there is four books in the series.
I give this book 4 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.

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AUTUMN GETAWAY                              JENNIFER GRACEN
Posted:  Feb. 10, 2015

Author Jennifer Gracen brings together a colorful cast of friends and family in Book One of the Seasons of Love series, AUTUMN GETAWAY. Newly divorced mom Lydia is just getting back on her feet. Her college roommate’s wedding promises a much-needed getaway weekend with old friends, at a beautiful manor in Connecticut. When she meets Sam, a handsome friend of the groom, she's nearly overwhelmed by a confusing mix of hope and trepidation. Their instant connection feels intensely real, to both of them, but the ink is barely dry on her divorce decree. It takes all her nerve, and more than a little prodding from her girlfriends, to convince Lydia to give her heart - and Sam - a chance. But when the magical weekend comes to a close, Sam must return to Chicago, while Lydia heads back to her complicated life and young son in New York. Can their newfound connection survive the trials of physical distance and years of emotional baggage? 

   I really enjoyed this book a great deal.  The style of writing this author writes, has kept me engaged for the whole story.  To the point when everyday life kept getting in the way it irked me.  I really wanted to know what was going to happen next with the characters.
     I loved most, disliked several, and on the fence with a few.  I laughed out loud, teared-up, read, and related parts to the hubby.  This story centers on a wedding of college roommate Melanie 37, and her fiancĂ© Ryan.  You see her roommate and bestie Lydia Powell 36, has been under a lot of stress.  She really needed this three day weekend and all the wedding weekend had to offer.  She was looking to relax, reconnect with other college friends, and enjoy her friend’s wedding.
     Knowing she had just signed her much wanted divorce papers that week, her friends wanted her to cut loose.  She had been married 9 years to Matt her ex.  She has a three and a half year old, Andy.  Which she figured out was the only good that came out of her marriage.  They had ended up disgruntled roommates rather than a married couple for the last 3 years of their marriage.  Now they fight about everything.  He gets upset all the time because their son has delayed speech maybe only ten words and he tends to act out because he can’t communicate.  So, it’s always tense around Matt to say the least.
     To say Lydia was looking forward to this weekend was an understatement.  In the lobby upon check-in she encounters a guy that for the first in a very long time makes her body react.  Then later when she is out in the beautiful garden of the resort estate reading he joins her.  They greet each other, exchange first names, Sam, and chat.  Then both figure out they are both there for the same wedding.  They see each other again that night at the out-of-towner dinner and they can’t keep their eyes off one another.
     They thought they were keeping it on the down low but not the case.  At the after party at the pub, Sam Forrester’s sister-in-law corners Lydia.  Paige is very catty like basically saying how loose it is of her to be a newly divorced woman and being a single mother going after her brother-in-law whom she just met.  All while the ink on her divorce papers are still wet.  This blew Lydia away, she wanted to cry.  Then something goes on in the pub so Lydia leaves with Sam walking her back to her room.  Alec has a talk with Sam the next morning about the evils of getting trapped by the newly divorced single mother but if he is just looking at this hot single woman to score a one night stand go for it.  But Alec being a divorce attorney and Sam’s older brother he felt it was his duty to watch his back.  Sam gets angry but for me not angry enough.  Not with any of the family that buts in.  I don’t know if Sam is what he seems to be a nice guy.
     The college friends are a hoot.  I love Donna.  Says what she means, means what she says.  All in all a fun story.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.

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Posted:  Feb. 10, 2015

When Sawyer O'Donnell takes a ranch job on a whim, he lands smack dab in the middle of a Texas-sized feud! The Gallaghers and the Brennans are at each other's throats to woo the red-headed spitfire, Jill Cleary, and stake a claim for the Fiddle Creek Ranch. 

Jill makes Sawyer's blood boil. They argue, they banter, but Sawyer soon goes from being driven crazy to crazy in love. Damned if he knows how that happened. But now that it has, how does he compete with two men that can give this cowgirl a lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams?

     This is a modern day Hatfield’s and McCoy’s story that involves the Gallagher’s and the Brennan’s.  Smack dab in the middle of their two properties with water rights wanted is Gladys Cleary.  A woman no body messes with.  You see her and her sister-in-law by marriage about in their 80’s but they have a lot of juice in Burnt Boot, Texas.
     Polly Cleary owns “Polly’s Bar & Grill” and Gladys owns the only general store in town.  So, no one wants to piss them off so their places have remained neutral along with the church grounds.  The other 80 year old packing mama is Verdie part of the O’Donnell clan.
     Needing help around her farm Gladys hires Sawyer O’Donnell kin to Verdie.  Her son Fin was real close with Sawyer.  They recommended him for the job.  The thing is the night before he’s starting work Gladys’ gets a call from her only living heir and the apple of her and Polly’s eye Jill Cleary the only true Cleary blood left.  That she was coming home to be with her and would take the old bunkhouse no problem.  Gladys said okay.  She so missed her and wanted to see her and she needed to learn how to run the ranch and store.  Yet, with Jill’s temper as large as her own, Gladys didn’t tell her about her new foreman that she would be sharing that house with.
     So, as Sawyer was cleaning the bunkhouse on his first day Jill arrives several hours earlier than Gladys was expecting.  Jill surprises Sawyer by holding him by shotgun until Aunt Gladys arrives to talk her down and get it all squared away.  Neither really likes it at all at first but no sooner does Gladys leave when the first suitor arrive for Jill and then the female cousin for Sawyer.  The two fighting clans figure they take out the competition of Sawyer or get him on one of their teams they would win over Jill and get her to marry one of the guys from one of the feuding families.  But by the time all four came to the door Sawyer and Jill joined forces never to be alone and never to allow the other to accept an invite from either camp.
     What was funny is that news in this town traveled faster than lightening.  The triangle of the three 80 year olds was a trip.  They had major juju!  The whole story was just so fun and funny.  It was just a pleasure to read.  I give it 5 stars.
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Posted:  Feb. 10, 2015

Mary Beth Caine has always been the good girl in her small Mississippi town. But when a big, protective, shamelessly sexy stranger offers to console her on the night of her disastrous engagement party, Mary Beth lets him—only to discover that Parr Weston also happens to be the older brother of her fiancĂ©, Bobby Joe.

Parr left Mississippi after years spent holding his family together. Now that he's back, he can't steal Bobby Joe's woman, and he sure can't offer Mary Beth the tidy happily-ever-after she deserves. But everything about the petite beauty—from her flame-gold hair to her artless sensuality—makes him crave her more. Love or lust, right or wrong, all he knows is that nothing has ever felt like this before, and walking away will be the hardest thing he's ever had to do.

     This was a love triangle to beat all love triangles.  You have your virgin bride to be Mary Beth Caine and her single widow dad, Howard.  Who by the way is sweet on the groom’s to be mom, Alma Weston.  She is the mother of the groom to be Bobby Joe and his older brother Parr.
     Bobby Joe gets caught by Mary Beth at their engagement party.  Only 45 minutes after announcing the marriage to be, he’s in the storage closet with his ex-girlfriend Luellen, half undressed with her making out.  Slamming the door and running out of the hotel to the gardens she runs into a man who finds her crying no sobbing her eyes out.
     You see Bobby Joe’s brother Parr and Mary Beth have never met living in two different states.  Even though Parr is footing the whole bill for the evening just like everything else that happens in his family.  You see his father passed when he was 12 so he took on caring for his mom, spoiled brother, cousin and her family.
     When Parr, the self-proclaimed bachelor’s eyes fall on the most beautiful woman ever, he is sunk his bachelor days are numbered.  He knows he wants more with her and from her.  Then she tells her story never mentioning names.  She knows it’s time to face her cheater and Parr wants to go to protect her and his interest in her of course.  Saying they should find her dad first when they do…reality becomes very clear, very fast.
     I give this book 4 stars.  I did have a problem at about the 70%-90% mark for it was dragging for me a lot.  Plus I was getting tired of Mary Beth’s Character.  Then finally the other’s took over and brought the story along to a fairly good ending.  Provided by Net Galley.
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LET’S WELCOME SHIRLEY JUMP   AUTHOR OF: Rad-Reader:  How did you come up with this concept for this book? Sh...