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Death in Vegas

Rad-Reader:  How long were you working on this book before it got published?

Margaret: About 10 years ago, I started writing a tell-all.  Then I recognized that because I needed to work and still live in Las Vegas I could end up at the bottom of Lake Mead--so I opted for a novel.  I actually began Death in Vegas about 5 years ago. I stopped writing for about 3 years when my lap top was stolen and I stupidly forgot to back up my work.  I started writing again 2 years ago.

Rad-Reader:  Were any of the fighters or trainers based on any people you knew?

Margaret:  No, no specific fighters, however, the situations are based on real-life boxing experiences by myself or others.

Rad-Reader:  How difficult was it to be accepted into a male dominated sport, even as a doctor?

Margaret:  Back in the early '90's, it was tough. I was the only female ring physician in Nevada. Since then there has only been one other. There are more around the world, but when I started I was one of 5 worldwide.  The fighters never minded, but it was often a point of contention by promoters.  Promoters (and sometimes fighter/trainers) will use anyone to overturn a decision or get a rematch. It's part of the game, and you can't take anything too person.

Rad-Reader:  Do you think trainers are looking out for their boxers?  Or do they get caught up in the money?

Margaret:  Everyone is sports gets caught up not only in money, but the power. Power often takes precedence.

Rad-Reader:  In the book the fighter is either taking a certain drug or given to him by someone.  How is this stopped?

Margaret:  Margaret:  It stops when athletes learn for themselves what is legal or prohibited. They need to understand the harmful side effects of these drugs, and they need to believe in clean sport. It's why I started the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association. It's a unique organization dedicated to clean sport in boxing and mixed martial arts.

Rad-Reader:  How much testing is done on the fighters head prior to the match?

Margaret: Depends on the jurisdiction. In many, places there is no testing other than a yearly physical exam, while in other places a fighter can receive a yearly brain MRI.

Rad-Reader:  I know they weigh in and physicals are done but do they do blood work and or any brain scans before or after? 

Margaret: As per above, it depends. In Nevada, all fighters over 35 typically receive a yearly MRI.  Blood tests vary depending if you are newly licensed. Most commissions require yearly HIV and hepatitis B/C testing.

Rad-Reader:  With so much money to be made like now with the big fight just announced.  Does this make your job harder or easier to get MRI’s done?

Margaret: Shouldn't make a difference.

Rad-Reader:  Do you feel any pressure from the boxing community in not wanting you to do these tests?

Margaret:  Often. No promoter wants tests performed on fighters that could limit a fighter's career or prevent a fight from taking place.  Unlike many sports, ring physicians are independent contractors--not employed by the team or athlete. That lessens conflicts of interest, and the physicians are not paid to get the athlete back in the ring/field.  Nevertheless, the pressure remain great.

Rad-Reader:  Was this story from bits and pieces of boxers you knew about or all of it made up, except the medical parts?

Margaret:  As mentioned about, the situations were mostly real, but with manufactured characters

Rad-Reader:  I have noticed in boxing that one state does not issue a license the boxer goes to another one and gets one.  Anyway to make this practice stop?  Examples Nevada & New Jersey. 

Margaret:  Jurisdiction shopping happens all too often. This can occur where a fighter that may have a medical condition or has had too many losses is shopped to a commission with less testing requirements.

Rad-Reader:  In the story the boxer goes into Mexico, how difficult is it to stop an American fighter to go to another country?

Margaret:  There are no restrictions. In my novel, the fighter trained there, and actually did have a fight there. This isn't that uncommon. We do see many, many fighters from Mexico be used as opponents for American fighters---this is often unfair if the match-up is unequal. But fighters travel worldwide depending on where the fight opportunities exist.

Rad-Reader:  Do any of these other countries have any regulations or can people just box?

Margaret:  Every country has regulations--this may include drug testing, neurological exams, etc... it varies considerably.

Rad-Reader:  Do you think there are any reporters like in your story looking into the dark side of the sport?

Margaret:  Sadly, far and few between!  It is a difficult road to travel. Promoters can freeze journalists out of fights. In other words, if the promoter doesn't like what you write, they can take away/restrict your credential (to attend the fight).  This can happen even if you represent a high-profile newspaper or web site.

Rad-Reader:  Do the big paydays offset the cost of long term damage to some of the boxers, to justify it to themselves?

Margaret:  Not in my mind.  Fighters have little or no health insurance coverage, no pensions, and often don't learn how to handle their finances--even if they are successful.  Several years ago, while I was still a ring physician, I put together a book with Dr. Flip Homansky (my partner) calledRingside and Training Principles. We offered it free to all fighters and trainers. It dealt with health issues, but also issues like handling your finances and evaluating contracts.

Rad-Reader:  I noticed that your book was published independently, was that by choice?

Margaret:  Yes and no... I did try to obtain an agent, but it was difficult/time consuming, so I opted to go with a small publisher Win by KO, who publishes boxing books--predominantly non-fiction.

Rad-Reader:  Amy plans for another book along the same lines?  This one was great so another one I think would do well.

Margaret:  Thank you so much...  Yes, working on another novel set in Las Vegas and the world of mixed martial arts.  Although fiction, it will be a strong expose into performance enhancing drugs.

Rad-Reader:  Is there another Author you would recommend for me to read to further help your cause?

Margaret:  Yes!!! Read anything about boxing written by my good friend Thomas Hauser.  And please check out to learn more about performance enhancing drugs in sport and what we are doing to promote clean sport. It is truly a unique organization.  To learn more about me check out my website Thanks for the opportunity for the interview.

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Margaret Goodman MD | President/Board Chairman
Las Vegas, Nevada neurologist, Dr. Margaret Goodman’s first experience in unarmed combat sports came when she was asked to perform a neurological consultation in 1993 on a high-profile boxer whose bout was canceled the night of the fight due to dizziness. She has remained a strong advocate for fighter health and safety ever since.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Goodman grew up in Southern California. She received a B.A. from University of California at Los Angeles in 1975, a M.D from Chicago Medical School in 1984, completed an Internal Medicine internship and a residency in Neurology in a combined program through the West Los Angeles VA and UCLA in 1988. Moving to Las Vegas in 1988, she began private practice in Neurology, with emphasis on headache management, where she is head of the Headache Center of Southern Nevada.
From 1993-96, Dr. Goodman performed neurological evaluations on famed boxers such as George Foreman, Meldrick Taylor and Thomas Hearns at the request of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, while she trained as a ring physician for amateur boxing. In 1994, she was appointed to the Commission as a professional ring physician—one of a handful of women ring doctors in the world. From 1994-2005, she worked ringside in over five-hundred boxing and mixed martial arts bouts and was the NSAC’s Chief Ringside Physician from 2004-05. In 2001, she was appointed by then Governor Kenny Guinn as the NSAC’s Medical Advisory Chairman and served until her term ended in 2007.
Dr. Goodman was instrumental in establishing cost-effective MRI/MRA testing on fighters, making Nevada the second U.S. jurisdiction to institute routine neuroimaging. On a national level, Dr. Goodman was the Association of Boxing Commission’s Medical Committee co-chairman from 2001-05, then chairman from 2005-06 and Medical Advisor to the International Professional Ring Officials from 2000-2005. She was a consultant to the New York State Attorney General’s Office regarding neurological injuries in boxing in 1999 and the NY State legislature on improving boxing safety in 2001.
In 2005 she received the Boxing Writers Association of America’s James A. Farley Award in recognition of a career marked by “honesty and integrity,” and has been recognized by the Association of Professional Ring Physicians as Educator of the Year.
Dr. Goodman has appeared on HBO, Showtime, ESPN, Fox sports and Fox News, ABC and CBS, as a recognized expert on boxing and boxing-related injuries. She appeared in HBO’s acclaimed boxing documentary series, Legendary Nights, the 2009 documentary After the Last Round.
Dr. Goodman has given interviews to newspapers, magazines and websites on medical issues as the relate to boxing and MMA including: Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, New York Daily News, LA Times, Newsday, Baltimore Sun, The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Maxim , Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, LA Daily News, LV Review Journal, LV Sun, KO Magazine, Full Contact Fighter, ESPN, the Magazine, Las Vegas Life,,,, No Holds Barred at and
In 2000, Dr. Goodman co-edited and was a contributing author to Ringside and Training Principles, a book prepared under the auspices of the NSAC for fighters, and co-wrote a chapter in the 2009 text Combat Sports Medicine on “The Professional Athlete.” Since 2004, she wrote a monthly column entitled “The Fight Doctor” for The Ring magazine from 2004-2012, as well as many web-based articles on boxing and MMA for sites including,,,, and
She has lectured before the North American Boxing Federation, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation, the Association of Boxing Commissions, U.S. Amateur Boxing Physician Certification Course, American College of Sports Medicine, Association of Professional Ringside Physicians, Louisiana Athletic Trainers Association and the American Back Society.
Dr. Goodman currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her hobbies include dressage horseback riding, cooking and raising chickens.

2012: Elected to the board of the Association of Ring Physicians
2012: Named by HBO’s The Fight Game’s Person of the Year

We would like to thank Dr. Margaret Goodman for her time in answering all our questions.  The knowledge she brings to this sport is amazing.  We have so much to learn about how each sport can take a toll on the human body.  I am sure no one is saying to stop all sports or activities that can possibly cause head injuries. Only let's take the necessary measure to be safe. We hope you will take a look at her book and that you have found her interview as enlightening as we have.
Thanks for spending time with us,
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REUNION IN OCTOBER                        GINA ARDITO
Posted:  March 13, 2015

Reunion in October by Gina ArditoFrancesca lost her first love. Emily's teetering on her last nerve. Will they risk their hearts to gain everything they both desire? Five years after her fiance, Michael, left her for a job on the other side of the country, Dr. Francesca Florentino is focused on her work as an emergency room physician and has no time for a love life. That is, until Josh Candolero charms his way into her heart on the same night Michael returns, vowing to win her back. Meanwhile, Emily Handler, a 911 dispatcher married to her high school sweetheart for the last seventeen years, can't seem to figure out what happened to that spark she and hubby, Roy, used to share in their marriage. A life-altering heart attack was not exactly the shake-up she had in mind. Now, both women will seize control of their lives and discover their hearts' true happiness for always. Welcome back to Snug Harbor, where the ocean breeze is a lover's kiss, and the salt air always carries a hint of love. 

     Let me just say this is the first book that I have read by Gina Ardito.  I have to tell you I hope it won’t be my last.  This author has such a natural ability of using humor and angst to get to the heart of the matter in her characters relationships.  This was one of those books that I was reading passages to my hubby because I was laughing so hard that he was so invested too I that when I would read what I had just read he would want to hear more.
     This book is about two relationships one that is 17 years in and on shaky ground.  This would be Emily and Roy Handler.  They met in high school when Em was a freshman.  When she was 16 and Roy 17 and getting ready to graduate they became pregnant.  Roy never hesitated a minute by saying let’s get married and build a family.  Now they have Mellie 16, Corey 14, Gabby 6, and Luke 8 months.
     They have weathered many storms.  Yet, the last several months have been rough Roy works at the hospital as a janitor from 8-5.  Em has been used to doing it all buy after Luke came she is exhausted all the time to the point of passing out.  Roy seems to take it as a slide that she is short tempered, quiet, and they are always arguing.  Something has to give.
     Then there is the second couple.  Dr. Francesca Florentino and Joshua Candolero.  Where the other couple was extremely tense almost the whole story this couple was not.  I love the character of Josh.  He is what every girl looks for in a guy-someone that can make her laugh and is sexy as hell. 
     At first Frannie as Josh calls her is leery of him.  Yet, what actually makes her step back from him at first is that he is 6 years younger than him and she used to babysit him.  What endears him to her is that he’s so willing to do anything to make her laugh, he’s sexy as hell when he smiles, he has wash board abs, and that’s the short list.
     The funny thing is she finds out he has been injuring himself on purpose to get a date with her.  So, there would be an excuse to go into the ER.  When she finds out she wants to be mad but her co-workers are on his side saying how much forethought it took.  She agrees to the date.  The way the date went she is totally impressed with it.  She even kisses him good night and is looking forward to their date in a couple of days.  When she lets herself into her home she gets the surprise of her life.
     You see 5 years ago she was pretty much left at the altar by her longtime boyfriend and then fiancé, Michael.  Here she was just getting started at the local hospital and she was loving it and behind her back Michael starts looking for jobs out of state.  He ends up getting one in Oregon and really expected that she would just drop her job and follow him.  When they live and grew up in Long Island.  She was not happy and said she was not going so 10 days before the wedding he packed up and left. Never to be heard of again so she thought.
     Until she sees him standing in her living room and greeting her as she comes home from her date with a kiss.  Her life flashes before her and it is not a happy flashback of the last 5 years of pain and depression that HE had put her through.  Now he thought he could just walk right back into her home.  She calms down and says her life has moved on and he is no longer a part of it.  He says that’s not what you mom says we talk regularly.  I knew I made a mistake leaving so have been trying to get back to you ever since. Basically. 
     Life in this small town is greatly in need of you doing some reading about it.  You can’t miss this one.  I laughed, cried a tear or two, and held my heart.  I give this 5 stars plus.
Provided by Net Galley. 

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TYCOON TAKEDOWN                             RUTH CARDELLO
Posted:  March 13, 2015

Tycoon Takedown by Ruth CardelloMelanie Hanna has finally worked up the courage to travel to New York and tell an old flame that he’s the father of her young son. She’s done hiding and apologizing for her one impulsive night. When her best friend asks her brother to watch over Melanie, her emotional trip takes an unexpected and sizzling detour.

Charles Dery is at the top of his game, but all he can think about is bedding the woman he was asked to protect. When she’s almost killed, he takes what he’d been denying himself and discovers he’ll do anything to keep her—even break his own rules.

When it comes to love, two wrongs may just finally make a right.

     We all know someone just like Melanie Hanna or some have been her.  You have gone off to school or were just livin’ life and the guy everyone wants, wants you.  That’s what happened to Melanie just when she had the world by the tail.  She finds herself pregnant from the one guy who wanted nothing more than a good screw.  She doesn’t even know that because he was gone so fast.
     A little over a month later she finds out she is carrying Todd’s child.  She is so angry and hurt that he just used her that she chooses to not tell him when her son is born.  With that she pushes family who did not approve and friends away because she was so ashamed and mad.  She herself leaving to another state to work for Tony Carlton being his housekeeper.  Tony was hiding out on his ranch from life and a tragedy.  She had her anger so they understood each other’s space and keep their distance and respected each other’s privacy by not asking any questions.  They worked well together they stayed out of each other’s lives and way.
     Then Sarah came into Tony’s life and now their engaged.  Making Jace, her son, ask questions about his daddy.  “What happened to him?  Does he love me? Etc…”  That is when Melanie knew she needed to track down Todd.  She was N.Y. bound which scared her to death since over the 5 years she had worked on the ranch she really never left.  She was prone to panic attacks and that was not good to have out there on her own and to stubborn to take the help Sarah was offering by letting her come with her.  So, Sarah told her to look up her brother Charles, which Melanie had met when he came to the ranch to visit.  Sarah said Charles could help her in any way possible.
     Charles and Melanie had met when he had come to Texas to visit Sarah.  It was not a great meeting but there was a hot sexual chemistry.  Charles talked himself out of anything, due to the fact that Melanie has a child.  When in fact Sarah said Charles avoids caring using indifference in order to not get involved or attached to anyone or anything.
     I enjoy how no matter what Melanie tries to stay true to herself but she knows she is not only starved for affection but love too.  So the struggle that you see her emotions take are true and believable.  Charles wants to keep it impersonal hence the first sexual encounter.  You know things have changed when his first signs of jealousy appear when she says she’s looking for Jace’s father.
     It gives this a whole new dimension when you are able to feel her fears of leaving the sanctuary she had lived in for 5 years to venture to N.Y. to do just that for her son.  A mother’s love.  What she finds though rocks her to her core to the point where she flees leaving Charles dumbfounded as to why things are not following his perfect plan to a “T”.  He once again has to call his less than sympathetic friend Mason.  Who by the way is funnier than Hell!  Scandalous but funny!  Directly honest and surprisingly worth his weight in gold with great advice.  It’s just that Charles just doesn’t always see it that way or doesn’t want to.  They had been friends since college days at Sanford so never held their punches in trust but always done in love and humor at least by Mason.  This book is so worth the read.  I give this 5 stars.
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THE SWAP                                              NANCY BOYARSKY
Posted:  March 13, 2015

The Swap: A MysteryThe Swap: A Mystery is a twisty, Hitchkockian tale of an innocent abroad, a houseswap gone bad, a dangerous case of mistaken identity and a wild ride from London up the West Coast of Scotland.

The story begins when Nicole Lewis, young woman living in Los Angeles, arranges a summer-long swap of her condo for a London couple’s house. She thinks it’s the perfect arrangement. She’s always dreamed of seeing the real London, not just the tourist spots. She’ll be able to accompany her husband, Brad, on his out-of-town work as a trouble-shooter for his company. It will also give her a chance to keep an eye on Brenda, Brad’s assistant, who seems to be getting a little too chummy with her boss. 

But things don’t turn out the way Nicole expects. Within a couple of days, she discovers that Freddy and Muriel Lowry, the Londoners, failed to arrive in L.A. and appear to be missing. Then people start following her and making threats, demanding information she doesn’t have. Nicole realizes she’s in serious trouble. But she can’t get Brad—busy working—or the police to believe her. Somehow, it’s up to her to extricate herself from the mess the Lowrys have left behind.

In this story, The Swap. Nicole Lewis arranges a swap of her and her husband Brad house in California for a place in London, where Brad will be working for the summer. Brad’s sectary comes also and that was not what she wanted, she wanted time at least a little time with her husband. After settling in the next day she finds out the Lowry’s did not make it to their home in California and also there was a problem with the car she left at the home. After speaking with the police from California she is contacted by Scotland Yard. She begins to take in her surroundings and starts to notice not only things in the home but also when she is out. She also surprises someone when she comes home early one day. This goes on for a while but she cannot get anyone to believe her so she starts her own investigation since her husband is not around. This takes her to the underground and into situations that she surprises herself in overcoming. A very good story with some twist and turns to keep you going as to what is happening. A good book. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 Stars.


I, ANNA                                                    ELSA LEWIN
Posted:  March 13, 2014

I, AnnaFifty, middle-class, divorced and respectable Anna lived with her teenage daughter in a small New York apartment. And one night, after a singles party, in a strange man's apartment, all the loneliness and frustration come to a head. What happens next is only the beginning of her nightmare.

Anna, is in the depths of depression in coming to grips with her divorce and her teenage daughter who is blaming her for everything wrong and for the divorce. She goes out one night to a party and goes home with a man who ends up dead. You as the reader knows what happens but the story must play out with her mental illness she is trying to put all the pieces together. The detective assigned to the is also from a broken marriage and has his own struggles from home takes a liking to the more the story goes along he finds himself confused in what is happening and how he is going to handle not only the case but also Anna, who he is falling in love with. This is a very in depth look into depression and how it can take over a person’s life. A very dark book at times but still it was a good read because the author dealt with something that a lot of people are dealing with and she put it into a story but it makes you think as the reader that this could, or did, maybe happen she draws you in and you find yourself wanting to get to the end to see what happens. I will say a good book that surprised me. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 Stars.


START ME UP                                         NICOLE MICHAELS
Posted:  March 13, 2015

Start Me Up (Hearts and Crafts, #1)Why do Do-It-Yourself...

Single mom Anne Edmond can handle—and hand-make—just about anything. From table settings to party favors, floral arrangements to nursery décor, there is no project her creativity and a glue gun can’t tackle. But dating? That’s a whole ’nother story. Case in point: Mike Everett. He’s a gorgeous mechanic and known car-whisperer, a man who can work with auto parts like nobody’s business. And he has thrown a monkey wrench into Anne’s carefully-crafted life...

When you can do it together?

One look at Anne is enough for Mike to know that she’s no fixer-upper. She’s perfect just the way she is—and the chemistry between them works like a charm. Mike’s always been a no-strings kind of guy, but Anne’s impressive self-reliance—and gorgeous exterior—gives him pause. This time, a fast joyride just doesn’t seem like enough. But first he has to convince Anne that he means to take her all the way...

This book starts with Uncle Mike dropping off his niece at a birthday party and when he meets the girls’ mother he is attracted to her. He decides to stay even though it is a total little girl’s party and he does not know what has come over him. Anne the birthday girl mother is attracted to him also but she is divorced and is older than him by six years and is trying to figure out if he is flirting with her or not and if he is why? Mike you find out later restores old cars and that really helps the story along for me the talk of the older cars and going to a car show adds to the story which is not in to many of the books now a days. Anne, owns a party planning business and she also has a blog that she does along with two of her friends. The story moves along and her friends are trying to help her see that she is worthy of this young man’s attention and that she is attractive. She likes that he is there for her when she needs help and is looking out for her as well, she did not have that in her marriage. She is just confused because of the age and she is having feelings for him that she really does not remember having with her ex. Every time she moves forward something or someone knocks them back or makes her think that he is not ready. He is telling her that he is but it is taking her awhile to come around. This is a good story with a lot of good characters that help the story along, and really help the story I think. Overall a very good book. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 Stars.


HEART'S DESIRE                                  AMY ANDREWS
Posted:  March 13, 2015


Taylor is being threatened by a stalker in New York.

Rick Forrester is in town for Fashion Week and insists on helping her through this trauma.

They enjoy their days together but when they kiss in Central Park, the moment is 'snapped' by the paparazzi.

The next day, their kiss is on the front page of every scandal sheet in the country.
And so the fallout begins ...

This story begins in New York, with Taylor who is a therapist who has her own T.V. show. She receives a phone call from an ex-boyfriend from L.A. who is in town for fashion week. Now that it is over he is wanting to take her to dinner to just catch up. She agrees and after dinner walking back to her apartment she is attacked by a stalker who is blaming her for breaking up his marriage. Rick, her ex steps in to fight off the attacker and receives a cut from a knife in the process. He decides to stay in New York and with her, they each come up with rules but still the old feelings are still there and have actually increased. After another stalker sends a letter the production company hires security for her but he still stays with her. She is working on a book and he is trying to run his part of the business from New York, with his computer. Thinking that they caught the guy, they decided to slow down a bit and she tells him if maybe we need to be separated for a little while to see if this is the real thing. After a few weeks she figures that he is not coming back since she has not heard from him, when she is attacked by the real stalker in her apartment and has to fight for her life. When the fight is over and she comes to she realizes that he is there. A nice story with a little drama and then a love story to go with it. I got this book from net galley.   I give this 4 Stars.

HEATED (When SEALS Come Home #4)

HEATED                                                    ANNE MARSH
Posted:  March 13, 2015

Heated (When SEALs Come Home, #4)He sets her world on fire… 

Mercedes Hernandez is a “nice” girl who follows the rules. As the new sheriff of Strong, California, she’s responsible for making sure everyone else follows those rules too. She’s also had more than her fair share of Mr. Wrongs in her life, so the big, rough, too handsome, always laughing smoke jumper who roars through her town going ninety in a thirty-five-mile-an-hour zone is a definite problem. Not only is he breaking the law, but he just might break her heart. Speeding tickets can’t make him behave…so it might be time to break out the handcuffs for a more personal lesson in misbehaving.

And tempts her to be so very, very bad… 

Former U.S. Navy SEAL, smoke jumper and unrepentant bad boy of summer, Joey Carter loves fast bikes, hot women, and a good time because speed and pleasure drown the ghosts from the past. He’s never met a woman he wanted to slow down for, however, until he literally runs into the good sheriff of Strong, California. She’s sweet and sexy…and the more he acts up, the more she notices him. And he really, really likes the way she looks at him.

Joey may be on his second chance with the law—but he wants a first chance at love…if he can convince Mercedes to let down her guard and let him show her that he’d be happy to play by her rules…in bed.

In this book titled Heated, Joey Carter, is a former Navy Seal and is part of a hotshot team and during the last fire they lost a man when the fire over ran them. He is blaming himself for the loss of the teammate even though it was not his fault and he is still trying to get over from an incident from his last tour. He finds riding fast on his Ducati a relief. Deputy Sheriff Mercedes Hernandez, does not see it that way and she continues to pull him over and give him speeding tickets. She is on the verge of arresting him but each time when she drives him into town she just lets him go. They are attracted to each other and he is trying to get her to go out with him, when she finally agrees she realizes that she has more than an attraction for him. But the sheriff has told her he does not want her with Joey because he has been nothing but trouble since he has been a kid, except when he left for the service. She being on probation and having to leave her first job has put her on edge but they still cannot go without being together. When it finally comes to a head towards the end of the book it really brings the story together. I really enjoyed all of the characters but his friend Kade I could relate to. This was a fun story at times but also a serious story as well, dealing with loss and with childhood and how people still looked at you from things you did in your childhood especially if you were in trouble. I really enjoyed this book. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 Stars.


Posted:  March 13, 2015

Slow and Steady Rush (Falcon Football, #1)She lives by the book—and is still searching for her happily ever after. 

Darcy Wilde has tried hard not to live up to her last name. As a librarian in Atlanta she lives a fine life far away from the football-obsessed town of her childhood. But when her beloved Grandmother needs help, Darcy takes a leave of absence and heads back to the home and past she left behind.

He knows how to play the field—and is in no rush to settle down. 

Robbie Dalton knows a thing or two about painful pasts. After bouncing around in foster care and the Army for years he is finally ready to move on and make a home for himself in Falcon, Alabama as the newest high school football coach. Sparks fly when the sexy new coach and the sharp-tongued librarian meet, but neither of them is looking to make ties.

But when it comes to love, sometimes you’ve gotta throw away the rule book to cross the finish line… 

Everything changes when Darcy falls in love, not only with the gruff, protective, and smoking hot man who's sharing her days and nights, but also with the complex tapestry of people who weave Falcon together. Could this be where she belongs - and who she belongs with?

This story begins with Darcy, coming home to help take care of her grandmother who raised her and her cousin Logan. Throughout the story she is worried about her job at Emory College as a research librarian, helping students with their doctorate thesis. She finds out that the new football coach is living in the house behind her grandmothers and that makes her want to investigate feeling like her grandmother is being taken advantage of. As she does she also is noticing feelings that she has not experienced with the few boyfriends she has had. He being, Robb Dalton, was in the Army with her cousin and has a service dog with him, is trying to get over his childhood and then deal with his service which he has an easier time with. Darcy, makes the story go along for her whimsical charm and forgetting what it is like to be back in a small town with everyone knowing or think they know what is going on in your life. I found this to be a very funny book at times but also a serious book with the main characters dealing with abandonment as children and how that is still effecting them as adults. Each character had depth and this help the story and at times moved the story along after they had a serious moment. All and all a good book I really liked it. I got this book from net galley.  I gave this 5 Stars.

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