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Anything For a Cowboy (, #2)Her plan was for them to fall in bed, not in love.

A Story

When veterinarian Jacy Weston changes her location on her western dating website profile, she thinks it’s no big deal. Opal Creek…Myrtle Creek…what’s the difference? As little white lies go, this one barely qualifies. Besides, since her brothers have chased off every guy within a hundred miles, the expiration date on her virginity is way past due.

Ray Mitchell is not inclined to waste his time on something as unnecessary as dating, but it’s much easier to take a woman to coffee than to explain to his mother why he’s in no hurry to get married again. Despite’s promises, he doubts he’ll find any woman willing to find herself stuck on a remote ranch raising rodeo stock.

But Jacy is different. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Or to get down and dirty. Ray’s thinking he’s found the one, until the truth comes out…and he realizes the divorcee from the next county he’s been dating doesn’t exist.

Warning: Contains a virginal heroine looking for the nearest exit for the horizontal highway to heaven, and a cowboy willing to go the distance for the right woman.

     What’s a girl to do?  About to be thirty in a matter of a week or so and she still had her V-card.  Thanks to her brothers scaring all guys off.  Either with bodily harm, no chance of being hired on their ranch, or looks that could kill.
     Well, Jacy Weston had enough!  She was tired of dating the metro-sexuals of the world.  She was a simple country girl who happened to be a Veterinarian.  She was a partner in a practice and she traveled from farm to farm looking after big animals also.  Yet, her brothers still felt they had a say and it affects any dates two towns over in any directions.
     Jacy was taking matters into her own hands.  She decided to use the site her brother Slade once used, to find herself a man.  Here’s the catch.  The site is for divorcees, widowers, or it’s complicated.  Of which she is none.  So, when her BFF, Carly, finds out what she’s up to she is not happy and tries to talk her out of it.  She tries to tell her to save her V-card for someone special since she saved it this long.  Lacy said it was never her choice to save it or not save it, it was her brothers.
     This way it was hers cleans and easy.  She makes the choice no emotion just sex.  Well, that was the plan until her first hook up for coffee with Ray Mitchell.  You see they hit off really well that after coffee and her nap because she had worked long hours.  He wanted her to come out to his ranch for a ride.  She was hoping it meant what she thought…sex.  After their horse ride it almost did but neither had protection and they almost got caught by his mother in the tact room.
     She ends up leaving but not before he asks her out for the following Saturday.  The real problem being Ray thinks she lives in the next town over, not 3 hours away.  You see she lied about what town she lived in, marital status, and she shortened her last name because everyone knows her family.  So the whole week Ray kept calling and texting.  She was excited about her date her first official one ever!
     But at the last minute things take a turn for the worst.  This was one of the cutest in the series.  I loved the way they bantered as a couple, the way they loved hard, and fought hard too.  All the characters commanded their parts to hold your attention.  A fun sexy read.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.  Follow us at:


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Something About a Cowboy (, #3)He’s a man of his word…and she’s gonna take him up on it.

A Story

After six years working his ranch and raising his boys, widower Mack Tucker is staring down the barrel of another long, lonely winter. Until his grown-up sons decide it’s time for him to move on. They not only sign him up for an online dating site, but also screen the first batch of interested parties.

Mack is furious—until he spots one of the profiles. He’s intrigued. Intrigued enough to drive three hours to Billings to meet Karen Thompson.

Burned by her ex, Karen isn’t interested in diving into another marriage, but she wouldn’t mind dipping her toes back in the dating waters. But this time, things will be different. What could be more trustworthy and honest than a strong, silent cowboy?

Their first date gets steamier than either of them intended, and Mack fears it may be too much, too soon for him. Torn between the past and the present, Mack has to cowboy up or lose the possibility of a future with the woman who makes his broken heart beat again.

Warning: Contains skinny dipping in public, sensual biting, gratuitous use of roses, and a red lace thong. Sometimes all at once.

     I have to say this was a fun book to read.  The author’s characters were engaging and funny.  I so could see myself put in their situation if left either a widow or divorcee.
     What got me was the way the author took what could be such touchy subjects and made them first off real, then funny, and ever so heartwarming.  Yet, sexually charged too.
     You see Mack Tucker lost his wife sex years ago to breast cancer after almost two years of battling it.  Although he promised her he would start living again he just couldn’t because he still thought of himself as married.  That was about to all change because the youngest of the 3 grown men now that he and his wife raised, Tommy, signed him up on a dating site.  He had no clue how hot his sex life was about to become.
     Not only had he signed him up the 3 boys had been screening the first batch and talking to them.  As if they wer their dad no less.  But when he caught sight of one of the photos and bios he said okay.  That photo belonged to Karen Thompson he agreed to meet with her.  There was a connection there.  Something about her spoke to him.  He hadn’t dated since he was 15 now he’s 46 what the hell was he doing was his first thought I am sure.
     Which surprised even him since he would travel 3 hours to go to dinner with her.  They met at a hotel and she was more beautiful than even her photo could show.  Her personality was warm and outgoing.  She put him at high alert only because he didn’t talk in general but after a while she put him at ease, as he did her.  He could tell she was fearless and daring too.  Her red dress didn’t own her she owned it.  They just clicked.  They even talked about their ended relationships hers due to divorce and his to the death of his wife to cancer.
     After dinner they go for a tour of the hotel then…You will have to read and see this erotica through to the end.  You won’t be sorry or regret it.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.  Follow us at:


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Nothing Like a Cowboy (, #1)Getting back in the saddle has never felt so good...

A Story

Brett Harrison tried marriage once and isn't anxious for another round. So when his meddling twin sister sets him up on a dating site, he seriously considers strangling her and cancelling. Luckily for him, he's too much of a gentleman to act on those impulses, and when he meets Melly Walker, he wonders if it's time to get back in the saddle.

Melly knows exactly where her previous marriage went wrong. She was dazzled by her ex's big-city charm and strayed too far from her roots. This time, she's going with tried and true--a dyed-in-the-wool cowboy. Her first few dates net her more duds than studs, but when she meets Brett, she's ready to get more than just her feet wet.

The principles of trust and compromise are great in theory, but when Melly discovers Brett has his eye on more than just her curves, she questions her judgment and his motives. Is Brett ready to drop his dreams for something as unreliable as love?

Warning: Contains virtual hat-tipping, real-time kissing and sexy times. Yee haw!

     When two people have been seriously burned in previous relationships that resulted in divorce you find that they are gun shy.  To even dating.  Yet, Melly Walker had hopes that if she went back to her roots of a good old country girl she would be grounded again.
     So, imagine how excited she was when she found a dating site for ranchers and cowboys.  Since she had grown up on a ranch that was for her.  Especially, since she had met her ex in college and she was attracted to his flash of city life, fast cars, high end stuff, and expensive restaurants she need to find her way back. When behind her back he lost everything.  When they were married the marriage only lasted 18 months upon him filing Chapter 7.
     She started dating from the site there were more duds then dudes.  She was giving it one last try.  And so when she got a “tip of a hat” she was pleased.  She was just hoping one, this one showed up.  Two, he hadn’t lied about anything.  Three, he wasn’t a creep because she had been there done that.
     When Brett Harrison asked her to coffee a no muss no fuss date she was pleased.  The thing was she finds out soon enough into the date that Brett had just found out about the date and that it was his meddling twin sister that had set it up.  Making her feel awkward.  Until he stated he was pleasantly pleased and surprised about it.
     They both were able to find an easy banter, and intense chemistry, and that they were revealing secrets they never told anyone.  Making them see that this date took no effort.  Brett however made it very clear he didn’t want to lead her on she was looking for an end game of marriage he wasn’t.  She says, well, maybe so but dating along the way wasn’t bad.  Brett ask her on a second date. 
     This is where it gets interesting and tempers fly.  Can they get past it?  Is it even worth it their end games are so different?  You’ll have to read and see.  I give this 5 stars.
Provided by Net Galley. 
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When Things Go WrongLazy eyes, scarred lip and brow, muscled and tattooed, Julia’s high school best friend, the one who made her heart go pitter-patter, had definitely changed in the past five years she hadn’t seen him.

Being stuck with her mom and boyfriend number one hundred at an exclusive ski resort doesn’t seem as daunting when Julia runs into the gorgeous and enticing Scar Wagner. And when fate forces the couple much closer than Julia would ever allow a man to be, she can’t help but wonder whether it’s time to give relationships another try.

After all, when things go wrong, they turn out right.

     OMG!  This was a really good short story.  Had all the elements you could want in the old friend who could or would want to be more.  It had been 5 years since Julie Blakely and Scar Wagner had seen each other.  It was the end of their senior year when she had moved away from New York when her parents divorced.
    You see they became “weed buddies” their senior year when trying to deal with their parents affairs.  For Scar he was one of 5 children but the product of his father’s affair so doesn’t believe that relationships can ever be solid.  Jules also didn’t believe in lasting love once finding out her father was an endless cheater.  So, the two made a pack never to date or marry because someone in a relationship would always going to cheat.  Scar went out to prove his theory correct so Jules could see first-hand, going for longtime relationships and watching them crumble.
     When they bump into each other on this trip neither are kids anymore and both can see each other through appreciative eyes.  They spend an evening catching up and the next day skiing the unthinkable happens. 
     I really enjoyed this author’s style of writing this was a novella if anything in length.  I would hate to think this writer will be breaking up this whole continued storyline into sections to sell. Since this was only 30 pages or so.  The characters however in this story blend well together.  The anticipation with what will be said or what they will do next is so worth the read alone. I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.
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BRING ME HOME                                  CANDI WALL
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Bring Me Home by Candi WallHe’s determined to change her mind…through her head, through her bed and through her heart.

Home is Where the Heat Is, Book 1

Miya Jackson always believed life had more to offer outside Dead End, Texas. So when circumstances turned her life upside down, she took her chance to break free. A few years—and some brutal doses of reality—later, her little sister’s wedding brings her back to the hometown she left behind.

The last place she expects to end up is in the arms of the man she’s tried and failed to forget. One scalding, passionate night is all it takes to make her rethink her damn good reasons for leaving.

Shawn Dalton always hoped this day would come. Hell, he and Miya have a history, and any misunderstandings can be fixed if she’ll only stay in one spot long enough. Now that’s she’s back, he’s determined to make her see that she belongs in Dead End. With him. 

Her obstinate nature is intact, but he can deal with that. It’s the cold, detached woman she’s become that worries him. Melting that wall—and reminding Miya of her roots—is going to take every hot, sinful moment he can wrangle.

Warning: Cowboy up has never had so many meanings. This cowboy is hell-bent on rekindling a lost love...even if he has to fight dirty.

     Being taken by surprise by the only girl you’ve ever loved is hard enough. But years later finding out that the reason she left you like she did was over a misunderstanding.  That hurt alright.  What hurt even more was knowing she didn’t trust you enough to tell her the truth and leaving.  The perfect excuse for leaving their small town.  Shawn Dalton always knew Miya Jackson was a flight risk but this way?  Never.  But the proof was in the pudding so to speak.
     Shawn thought they would always be together.  Miya had his mind, heart, and body.  But when she just walked up to him one morning and told him she didn’t love him anymore and want nothing to do with him it crushed him.  He was devastated.  What Shawn didn’t know was she knew he was keeping a secret from her and had promised another he would keep it when his loyalty she have been with her. 
     Now four years have passed and not a moment or a dream has passed the either of them has not dreams or thought of the other.  Mija came home for her sister’s wedding with one of her friends from N.Y. in toe, Chloe.  Later that evening they go to the local watering hole and guess who’s there?  He tries not to make eye contact.  She tries to make eye contact to get it over with and prove to herself that she has gotten over him.  Until Chloe decides to take matters into her own hands and almost lays down on the pool table as Shawn tries to take his next shot.  As he picks her up to put her down Chloe slides down his body and he whispers something in her ear.  That is about all Mija can take.  She leaves.
     This is one hot erotic first encounter these two have.  If they had been in a bed instead of on a picnic table…Flames would have been seen.  By Chapter 4 you need a fire extinguisher.  There is plenty for them to hold on to besides sex.  That is why I am giving high marks because there is a story to this erotica.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.  Follow us at:


SEAL OF MY HEART                                    SHARON HAMILTON
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SEAL Of My Heart (SEAL Brotherhood, # 7)Kate Morgan is engaged to the most eligible bachelor in Sonoma County, the son of a wealthy wine family in Healdsburg, California. On a flight to visit her sister in Portland she is seated next to a young hard-bodied elite soldier who ignites her insides in a strange attraction she cannot deny.
Navy SEAL Tyler Gray plans to spend a weekend home before deploying to North Africa with the rest of his SEAL Team 3. But the conversation with Kate has him rethinking his future.
The encounter has both of them feeling fate has stepped into their lives and altered their course. Unable to just say goodbye as lovers, they agree to carry on a correspondence. Kate becomes the girl Tyler wants to come home to while she is pressured by her family to reconsider her broken marriage plans. Family secrets are revealed from the past regarding a young Marine and Kate’s mother which brings both heartache and a sense of clarity as old loves are unearthed. From the grave, a Marine’s love letters from the past affect the new love between Kate and Tyler in the present. And when Kate’s life is endangered, will Tyler be the man to save her without sacrificing his own?

     Kate Morgan is due to be getting married to Randy Heller of the Heller Estate Wines.  The thing is Kate never was the one who was ever gaga over Randy.  All her girlfriends and her mom thought he was a great catch.  She didn’t think that way.  He was just her boss.  Until that day he asked her out.  It was nothing special.  His kiss never made her see stars and his touch never gave her goose bumps.
     So, when Randy asked her to marry him she thought she would find her excitement but it never came.  She was waiting for what all her friends who tried to snag him talked about.  But it never came.  Even they were surprised she snagged him when she never seemed interested.  Looking back now she should have gone with her instincts.
     Boarding the plane to go visit her sister Gretchen for a few days has her daydreaming.  Her fantasy that she has been having often one that makes her shiver.  You see Randy doesn’t even curl her toes when he’s kissing her so hopes for sex are out!  So the fantasy happens especially when she travels.  “That she would meet a gorgeous guy who’s mysterious and they spend a week together exploring, indulging in glamorous restaurants and glittering casinos and sensual delights.”
     So, when Navy SEAL, Tyler Gray is in the row does her imagination a world of good and her imagination goes into overtime.  When he strikes up a conversation she finds him so easy to talk to but for Tyler it seems to unnerve him.  Why was he giving this taken, that she was as engaged, to another man, so much info and still wanting to talk to her more?
     Tyler knew she was off limits he did not poach other man’s women.  She seemed like she had one foot in and one foot out of the relationship.  If she was willing to just be pin pals as she stated he would take it.  He liked her that much.  There was just something about Kate that made his heart happy.  God knows out on the field of combat there was not a lot of that.  He had only a week and his team would be on the move again.
     Kate is the woman he never knew he wanted to come home to…she is his home.  But could there be forces that are working against them?  Falling in love is the easy part making it work and having a relationship is the hard part.
I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Netgalley.
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