The only thing Lily wants is for her children to have a nice warm home, and to make sure her family’s diner survives. When handsome billionaire David walks in and leaves a rather generous tip, he not only helps her little family, he also gives her something she hasn’t had for a long time—hope. 

After the loss of his beloved wife, David moves to a small town in New York, hoping to escape the memories, along with the pressures of his life as the president of the largest ad agency in the country. The last thing he expects when he meets with his pastor is to run into the woman who will change his life forever. 

David is willing to shower Lily with everything she needs, but Lily isn’t sure she can handle the kindness after everything she’s dealt with in the past. Will her bad memories keep them from being able to have a future together? Or will he be able to convince her that love is what makes life worth living? 


 What an amazingly heartfelt seasonal story.  This story of Lily a struggling mother of two children Mary and Patrick.  Who is struggling hard to keep her head above water while keeping her generational diner open.
     It is now to the point where this fierce single mother is going without rather than the children or the business but the whole thing is sinking fast.  Even all that is becoming hard to do.  The collectors are on her heels not only at home but at the diner now too.  Something has to change soon.  But what?
     David the newest member to the community seemed to be the prayer she needed in more ways than one.  For at least that day because when he tipped her he left a hundred-dollar bill with a note to get her beautiful kids something nice.
     For anyone who knew the old David wouldn’t believe her.  Three months ago, his life had shattered.  This billionaire’s money could not buy him out of his pain of losing his wife.  He was a workaholic who needed to give more to his community was what she was always telling him.  So, when he bumped into Lily and her kids the night before something was set in motion.
     A lesson of the Christmas spirit maybe, of letting go of the past and looking forward, of knowing when it’s time to let go and ask for help, and love doesn’t stop when one dies and when it comes to loving another.  It’s just different but there is enough love for both.  There is no time frame it just is.
     I totally recommend this book.  A feel good and a heartwarming holiday tale.  I give this book: 5++++ stars.  Give to me by the author for an honest review.  Follow us at:


TAKING THE PLUNGE                                      KISHAN PAUL

Since graduating high school, Eve Cambridge has dropped ten dress sizes, became an RN, and dumped her jerk of a boyfriend—all on her own. So when her high school crush shows up in her life, she does what any normal self–reliant woman would do—pepper spray him.
Since inheriting the family plumbing business, Pete Russo has tried to make the best of a career he never planned for. He’s made his share of mistakes, but he’s worked hard to learn from them. Now that he’s run into Eve, he’s not so sure he isn’t making another one. After all, she did almost blind him.
When logic and emotion don’t agree, which path should they follow?

***This book is available free on most ebook sites***

     Eve Cambride was the new ginger overweight girl being bullied at her new school.  It was her senior year and it was awful to be singled out every single day.  Just when she thought it was getting better the bully doesn’t go after in class he does after class in the hallways by the lockers.  By knocking her books and binder to the ground not once but twice.
     When out of the blue the football star jock and the guy she had been crushing on Pete Russo comes to her rescue.  The bullies are afraid of Pete so they follow his instructions by picking up her stuff, apologizing, and saying they wouldn’t do it again.  When she turns to thank him, Pete is gone.
     What Evie doesn’t know is since Pete lives is the same building her and her family do he knew her too.  The night before he planned on taking his own life but her dad played guitar and she would sing-along with him and they saving him since it had caught his attention that night from his bathroom window.  He felt he owed her.
     Now eight years later they run into each other she has dropped ten dress sizes and he has had life altering changes that have changed him.  He has no clue who she is.  She knows exactly who he is.
     I found this to be a very interesting fast read of two people who had truths of the heart and fears to overcome.  I do wish it was longer than 57 pages but it was still a good story.  I give this story: 4 stars.  Provided by the author for an honest review.

Follow us at: www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

A BAD BOY FOR CHRISTMAS (Second Chance #3)

A BAD BOY FOR CHRISTMAS                               JESSICA LEMMON

'Tis the Season to Be Naughty 

Connor McClain knows what he wants. And after four harrowing years in Afghanistan, that's a quiet life in the lakeside town of Evergreen Cove. But coming home has landmines of its own-the most dangerous of them being long-legged bombshell Faith Garrett. Now getting her into his arms this holiday is going to require more than mistletoe . . . 

With a cheating ex behind her, all Faith wants is a relaxing holiday free from man drama. And even though every moment with gorgeous Connor is a sweet temptation, Faith is determined not to give in. But Jack Frost has other plans, and soon Faith and Connor are snowbound in a winter wonderland with only the sparks flying between them to keep them warm. As one hot kiss leads to another, they'll have to decide if they're ready to give each other the best gift of all-love.      


     This book is centered around Faith Garrett, 31, and Connor McClain the younger man.  Although, we never find out his age it is in the back of Faith’s mind nagging at her.  You see Faith’s mother is a world-famous author who is very eccentric and well known around Evergreen Cove.  Who after a failed relationship with her daughter’s father took on nothing but young boy toys thereafter.
     Then she chose to dictate how her eldest daughter should live her life and with whom.  Since she was not tiny and petite like she was she was the easy target all the time.  Then she doomed the relationship Faith was in to fail.  When her fiancé Michael, was caught having relations on the rug in the living room somehow it was her fault.  Even though she had always told Faith that all the women in her family were doomed never to marry do to a curse. 
     She dumped him and moved with her mom knew her mistake right off the bat.  She secured another job and got an apartment mistake solved.
     Her life changed, her new boss Sofie is also her new BFF, her event planning which she enjoys.  Everything was going great.  Best bonus of all seeing and bantering with Connor.  BFF to Donovan, who is also Sofie’s fiancé and owner of the mansion they work out of.  Although, Faith wasn’t ready for another guy in her life Connor always made her feel so good about herself.  He even gave her a cute nickname. 
     Well, semi-cute.  She had been having a bad day, loving sweets she went to her to go to food, the Devil Dog.  The chocolate goodness she loved with whipped crème.  Anyway, she was on a marathon of her own when he caught her with a cupcake at this point because she had bought those too, you know to top it off.  Now her nickname was, you got it…Cupcake!
     One day he hears that after Sofie, Charlie, and she have a girl’s night at her place watching scary movies something woke her at 1:30 a.m. It scared her so much that she called the police.  When Brady got there, an old-school friend, he came in and looked around the upstairs apartment and out on the balcony. Not seeing anything.  Told her though that her windows were not secure and her dead bolt was not that good on the door.
     Hearing the girls talking put Donnie an ex-military man on alert and in turn when Connor heard when coming up on the group he was on alert too.  Donnie said he would check for her as soon as he could.  Connor said he would check after she got off work.  In fact, her would follow her.  What he found…

     You will enjoy this book.  It’s fun, sexually charged, friend based, and a total romance for two people not looking for love.  I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at:  www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

Shout Out : An Author’s Place Shout Out : An Author’s Place: JACLYN WEIST - LOVE IN RETURN (THANKSGIVING BOOK)

Shout Out :

Shout Out :
Of :

Thanksgiving was always Kayla’s favorite holiday—until her husband decided to leave her on the very day they should have been celebrating being together as a family. Two years later, the pain still isn’t gone, and while her family does their best to set her up, she’s perfectly happy raising her three children on her own.
When Andrew admits he’s never really been in to Thanksgiving, his good friend Josh invites him to come to his family dinner. Andrew wasn’t expecting to be welcomed with such open arms, and he especially didn’t expect to meet Josh’s beautiful sister Kayla.
While Kayla and Andrew hit it off immediately, Kayla still can’t bring herself to admit that she might be falling for someone new. Can Andrew prove that he’ll treat her right, or will she push away the man willing to heal her broken heart?

Jaclyn is an Idaho farm girl who grew up loving to read. She developed a love for writing as a senior in high school, when her dad jokingly said she was the next Dr. Seuss (not even close, but very sweet). She met her husband, Steve, at BYU, and they have six happy, crazy children who encourage her to keep writing. After owning a bookstore and running away to have adventures in Australia, they settled back down in their home in Utah. Jaclyn now spends her days herding her kids to various activities and trying to remember what she was supposed to do next. Her books include Ring of Truth; A Christmas Worth Billions; Fashioned for Love; Endless; The Princess and the Prom Queen; Magicians of the Deep; the Luck series—Stolen Luck, Twist of Luck, Best of Luck, More Then, Just Luck, No Such Luck, and Just My Luck, a novella. You can learn more about Jaclyn at her website: www.jaclynweist.com

Coming Friday 7pm PST. Michelle Irwin Author Of: PHASE HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM PHOBIC


Friday 7pm


Michelle Irwin

Author Of:
(Out soon)

Sometimes starting over is the only choice.

Broken-hearted and looking for revenge, Phoebe Reede heads back to the US to take up a new challenge. Only, when she discovers who her teammate and rival is, the challenge might prove too great.

While she knew life away from home wouldn’t be easy, she never expected to be faced with an unpleasant surprise from her ex-boyfriend, or to be as drawn to him as ever. She needs to remain professional and push aside her feelings for him, but will she let someone else steal her heart away instead?

What will it take to prove she’s not afraid to take the risk?

**Due to strong language and sexual content not intended for anyone under the age of 18. Later books in this series contain content, including sexual assault and violence, that may trigger emotional distress in some readers.**

“I’m afraid my granddaughter has forgotten her manners,” Nana said, sticking out her hand. “You must be Beau.”
I clenched my jaw. Her casual mention of his name, as if his identity was the most obvious thing in the world, had to have made it clear I’d been talking about him. That was the last thing I wanted him to know. Still, it was too late to change it. “Sorry, Beau, this is my nana, uh, Kelly Reede.”
“Nice to meet you, Mrs Reede. I can see where Phoebe got her enchanting eyes.”
“It’s Ms actually. It has been ever since I left my husband for his constant cheating.”
I wanted the ground to tear apart and swallow me whole. For half a second, I debated trying to fake a sudden and unexpected emergency just to get out of the room. She’d stuck with Granddad for a long time after the first time he’d cheated, but with Dad’s help had eventually found the strength to leave. After that, her confidence had only blossomed and she’d grown more and more like Dad all the time. Now, she often said the thoughts that crossed her mind without thinking through all of the consequences.
Beau’s eyes narrowed. “Well, I guess it’s not just the eyes that run in the family,” he muttered under his breath. He shook off the mood an instant later. “It was lovely to meet you, Ms Reede. It’s always nice getting any insight into our Phoebe. She’s a bit of an enigma.”
It was Nana’s turn to frown as her gaze spun to me. “That’s odd, because we’ve always found her to be a straight shooter, just like her Dad.”
“Maybe it’s just us guys she likes to play ’round with.”
My hands found my hips. “Maybe she’s in the fucking room and you should both stop talking about her like she’s not.”
“Phoebe!” Nana exclaimed.
Beau’s gaze was fixed on me, his lips curled up into a snarl. He dropped the expression a second later when he turned back to Nana. “Don’t worry about it, Ms Reede. I’m used to her gutter mouth. She’s turned it on me often enough. Haven’t ya, darlin’?”
I wanted to turn it on him again. My fingers clenched and unclenched at my side. “If there’s nothing else you wanted, I think we’ll be going now.”
“Actually, I was hopin’ to have a word or two with ya alone.” Beau’s gaze turned from me back to my nana. “If ya don’t mind. It won’t take a minute.”
I could feel Nana’s gaze passing between Beau and me. “Not at all,” she said after a moment. “I’ll go sign myself out and wait in the car.”
It would have been so much easier if she’d said no. If she’d demanded my undivided attention while she was in the country. Instead, a minute later I was face-to-face with Beau.

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