Curvy Women:

Let’s play dress up!

Let’s use that site we all love to be on for hours to our advantage, Pinterest.
I want to see if you can find an outfit on there with a style you just love!  I don’t care if it’s for day, night, or evening attire for gala.
Dress down or dress up but find the best outfit for your body type.
I really want you to be honest with yourselves.  We can be curvy all we want but we still have mirrors ladies.  We know what looks good and what feels right on our bodies.  Not what feels right for others but what feel right for us.  I do have to admit there are some things that make me feel uncomfortable that are personal. These I will not negotiate like my arms that keep flapping even after I stopped waving, so three quarter sleeves or long sleeves for me.  Then, there is the Capri and no shorter just don’t like the feel of that extra skin getting caught and having to pull down my shorts every five seconds.  Final one is too tight, I was a curvy girl all my life so as a young pre-teen and teen all things were tight because they really did not make plus sizes for girls and if you wanted anything well it looked like old ladies.  I had a decent shape back then in the 70’s too.  I am actually 28 pounds light then back then but it is like I am in a different world all together.  I just have to keep in mind now that I don’t have to hide with too loose, that I am not that same person anymore and times have changed.  So, find your outfit and start putting it together then...  Copy and paste your choice from Pinterest and a photo of the one you are wearing.  Let’s see how close you could get and what all you came up with.  Don’t you love playing dress up? 
Send them to me:
We will post all that come our way.  Let’s say two weeks that should give us plenty of time right?
Monday, May 19, 2014
Here’s my Pinterest Pick:

Here are some of the fun picks that I saw:

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