Talkin’ Sports
With Pat

1.) Dodgers pitcher Josh Beckett pitched the 1st no hitter of the season and the 21st in the history of the Dodger’s.  The most of any team.  They did lose one player A.J. Ellis who sprained his ankle during the celebration.

2.)  In Hockey both the Blackhawks and the Canadians fought off eliminations in game 5 last night.  The game was double overtime between the Blackhawks and Kings.  It was a good hockey game though I was sorry to see the Kings loose, I was happy for a good game.

3.)  In Basketball, the Thunder has come back to tie the series and the Pacers are now trailing 3-2 by winning last night’s game.  I still think the Heat are going to win.  I think they are going back to the finals.


  1. well the Rangers are getting closer to be one of the teams in the finals for the cup. and it looks like the Spurs are going to win the basketball game well see.

  2. i still need to do reviews on some sport books, but i can tell you that "The Kid" the story about Ted Williams, is an outstanding book. Filled with a lot of information from his childhood on. Also you get a back ground about his mother side of the family. That part of the story was very interesting to me. I will have a review on our site shortly. the other book is called Brooks. It is about Brooks Robinson, who most people think is one of the best third basemen to ever play the game. i thought this was a good book as well, and like the other book should have a review on our site shortly. i am now needing to work in two football books to read since that is what i really enjoy.

  3. there's a report out that Steve Ballmer a former CEO of Microsoft has put a bid in for the Clippers at $2 Billion. of course who knows ?

  4. the New York Rangers are in the Stanley Cup and wait for the winner between the Kings & Blackhawks. either one of those teams would make for a good finals.

  5. i thought it was funny how many people were on Johnny Manziel case about being in Vegas and not getting ready for the OTAS. If he plays up to the way everyone expects him to play this wont matter, two most of those photos were posted by him and he has said "he is going to live life to the fullest". this is all fine but if he does not pan out people will look at this as part of his down fall. i say lets just wait and see, i hope it all works out because he was fun to watch in college.

  6. thanks for looking in and hope to talk next week. talk to you then.


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