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1.)  Kansas City has made it to the World Series for the first time since 1985.  Which was also the last time they won the World Series and were in the Play Offs.  29 years and now they have won 8 straight playoff games.

2.)  Looks like the San Francisco Giants will be the other team to be in the World Series. They either need hit or an error by the Cardinals to advance to the World Series.

3.)  Kevin Durant broke his foot last week and they say he should be back in 6-8 weeks.  But the break being on the outside of the foot called a “Jones” fracture could make it difficult for him to get back to his level of playing without some continuing foot problems.  I hope that is not the case but other people have had foot problems after this same injury.  Hopefully not him. 


  1. i still cannot believe that Mississippi State is # 1 in the college football polls. i am just surprised by the way they have stepped up and played football this year, and that quarterback that they have is outstanding. would be nice to see them win the championship.

  2. it is hard for me to figure out why there is such a big fuss over Todd Gurley, when this man Bryan Allen is coming forward with the information because his business is going under.and at the time of said incident i think Gurley was 19. any way the man bringing the charges is at fault as well but he is hurting the player and of course the school. but know one says anything when the NCAA prints a program with a picture of a student athlete on the cover and sells them, that is legal because the NCAA is getting the money. right?

  3. just to let all of football fans know that the Packers game i thought was fantastic. what a finish and thank all the teams ahead of us that year and the 49's who drafted Smith to let him fall to us at # 24 in 2005. i don't know of to many quarterbacks who could have made that throw to Nelson to keep that drive going to win the game with 3 seconds.

  4. the Giants tied the game in the bottom of the eighth with a home run, now the Cardinals are looking to take the lead in the top of the ninth with the bases loaded. but no a ground out.


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