Week 7 Guest Author: Feb. 10: Marc Zappulla Here Friday 7pm PST.: Interviews Scheduled 6 more weeks of Guest Authors

 Week 7 Guest Author:
Feb. 10:  Marc Zappulla
"The Last Longshoreman"
Here Friday 7pm PST.
Promos start Weds.
1 Rad-Reader Reviews
Interviews Scheduled

6 more weeks of Guest Authors:
Feb. 17:  Donna Michaels
Cowboy Payback
Feb. 24:  Ed Duncan
Pigeon Blood Red
March 3:  Kristin Vayden
The One
March 10:  Abby Niles
Knocked Out by Love
March 17:  Skye Taylor
Healing the Hero
March 24:  JM Stewart
Bidding on the Billionaire
Every Friday 7pm PST.

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