HOPE BLOOMS                                               JAMIE POPE

In one shattering instant, schoolteacher Cassandra Miller lost everything that mattered to her. Stricken with guilt and sorrow, she has no reason to care about tomorrow. The last person she wants help from is the man she wants to forget. In childhood, Wylie Everett was her cherished best friend. In adulthood, he was the secret lover who left her without explanation. Now he's the person who won't let her go down without a fight. And as he renews her joy in small things, and challenges her to take a fresh perspective, the desire they once shared burns more fiercely than ever--and proves anything but safe.
An ex-Marine, Wylie has always loved Cass, though their backgrounds were as different as could be. Years ago, he walked away believing he could never be good enough for her. But he's never stopped regretting his decision. Now, helping her heal is the only way he can make amends, and hopefully make up for lost time. But their rekindled passion will be tested by pain he's never resolved--and mistakes for which forgiveness may not be enough. Can he and Cass find one last way to move forward, and risk rebuilding their lives...together?
"Hope Blooms weaves a story of devastating loss, first love and the meaning of home....Deeply emotional, uplifting and ultimately joyful. --Kristan Higgins, New York Times bestselling author


This is a very powerful, emotional, filled story that takes you on a journey of to people’s lives, really three and more. The book opens with Cassandra Miller a school teacher of a kindergarten class and a tragedy begins when one of her students’ father is coming into the school demanding to have his daughter. She knows she needs to do something different and along with her aide has the children leave through a window, and across the field to the fire station. That is until she hears her husband’s voice in the hall trying to talk to the armed man. To no avail he gets shot along with her and before she passes out the police take out the parent. Not a way to open a book but I must say it works. After months of recovery Cassandra though out of the hospital is still not getting herself out of bed. She is extremely depressed. Somehow her mother has found her long lost friend and ex-Marine Wylie James. He comes and takes her away from the town to where he is living and his house. The story gives you glimpses back into what their lives were like growing up, for Cassandra, Wylie, and her husband grew up together and she and her husband were next door neighbors. As she is healing so to be the memories coming back and you as the reader are given two stories in one. The current, and the past you are given a look into how things were from each of their perspectives, and this helps make the story become clearer. This is a love story but they have to deal with the past and she wants to know why he left ten years without a word. This and a few other things really all lead up to a great ending. The characters in the book were all very good, especially Theo, and Wylie’s sister. This is a very good book. That takes you on a ride from the beginning to the end, not many books can do that but this does. Outstanding! I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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