MYRON MIXON'S BBQ RULES: The Old School Guide to Smoking Meat


                                             In barbecue, “old-school” means cooking on a homemade coal-fired masonry pit, where the first step is burning wood to make your own coals, followed by shoveling those coals beneath the meat and smoking that meat until it acquires the distinct flavor only true pit-smoking can infuse. With easy-to-follow, straightforward instruction, America’s pitmaster shows you how and also demonstrates methods for cooking on traditional gas and charcoal grills common in most backyards. The book is divided into four parts—Meat Helpers, The Hog, Birds, The Cow—and features recipes and methods, including:

Pit Smoked Pulled Pork
North Carolina Yella Mustard-Based Barbecue Sauce
Prize-winning Brisket
Smoked Baby Back Ribs
Thick and Smoky T-Bone Steaks
Presenting step-by-step illustrations on building a pit, managing a fire, selecting meats for the pit and the best wood to burn in it, and more, Mixon offers all of the fundamental lessons to becoming a champion backyard pitmaster.
Filled with Mixon’s southern charm, personal stories, and never-before-shared methods, BBQ Rules is a down-home, accessible return to old-school pit smoked barbecue.


  This is a great book and would be worth it for someone to buy it for a father’s day gift if they are into BBQ. Here a master takes you through recipes for all types of meat that are broken down by chapters. It does not matter whether you have a smoker, charcoal, or even gas he makes the steps easy to follow and the recipes are as well. The most difficult part of this book is trying to stay focused while reading it and not getting hungry and running out to the store to start buying the ingredients for one of his recipes and fire up the grill and get busy. Their a steps for building a pit, slicing meat, and many other things along with his easy way of explaining everything you feel like you are right there talking to him drinking a beverage while listening him talking. Everything about this book is fantastic, and worth the time. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us    

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