Arrogant Bastard (Bastard Series #2)

ARROGANT BASTARD                                JENNIFER DAWSON

My farm manager deserted me six weeks before our grand opening that will help put my family’s business on the map. Now I need to find a replacement, because I’m not about to be the reason we fail. Unfortunately, Caden Landry— whose arrogance, evasions and good looks rub me the wrong way—is my only option on a list of zero candidates.

So, as much as it pains me to admit it, I need him to step in and save the day. Yeah, I hate it too.

I’m Caden Landry, and I have a self-destructive streak a mile wide.

One thing is clear, I need to stay the hell away from my new boss, Cat McKay. Not an easy task, considering she’s the kind of woman I find irresistible. But I’m tired of running, tired of living paycheck to paycheck with nothing but a flatbed to my name. I’m determined this time I’m going to get my life together.

So, I’m not about to screw a golden opportunity because I can’t keep my hands off the woman in charge. This time, self-preservation will prevail.

*Second book in the Bastards series, each book is a standalone and has its own HEA.


Caden Landry, who is giving her little to no information just keeps telling her that he is the right person for the job and that do you think that her brother would really send her someone that could not do the job? Frustrated beyond belief because of the opening coming up she hires him knowing she can fire him after.
Caden wants this job so much and he also knows that he has a history of blowing up every job that he has ever had. He just hopes this one will be the one that he can hang onto. His biggest problem is not the production of the crops, no it is Cat herself. He was taken in by her from the first time he saw her and he has never had that type of attraction before. Now that he wants her how does he talk to her without making a pass at her?
Cat is under pressure as well. She has always been there for her two brothers and she feels that she is taken for granted and she is probably right. She also does not see her value and this is what Caden helps her with, just one of many things actually. The story really takes a turn when you get past the halfway mark and just when you think everything is going well, the past Caden’s past comes to the farm and starts to blow up everything between him and Cat and then her brothers. How can he fix it? If he does will, she still be there for him? Read this wonderful story to find out. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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