WIN ME OVER                                        NICOLE MICHAELS

Win Me Over (Hearts and Crafts, #2)WINNING ISN'T EVERYTHING

Callie Daniels is a singular sensation. She owns and operates her own bakery, contributes to a popular lifestyle blog, and is the dance team coach at a local high school. She lives by her own design and is much too busy to consider dating. Mr. Right will have to fit into her life when the time is right...


Football coach Bennett Clark always plays by the rules. He knows that his new colleague Callie is off limits but she's so beautiful-and irritating!-that Bennett can't get her off his mind. She wants him to participate in a charity dance contest, and won't take no for an answer. Soon, what begins as a festive athletic endeavor turns into a heated flirtation on and off the dance floor. Could it be that the free-spirited Callie has finally found a way through Coach Clark's line of defense?

Callie Daniels life is going good at least for the most part. She owns her own successful bakery, works on a blog with two of her friends, and those same friends met at least twice a week to eat and share what is going on in their lives. She then takes on the coaching duties for the dance team at the local high school after the pervious coach was let go. This other than baking is really what she loves dancing, and something she has been doing since four or five and she even earned a scholarship to college for her dancing. Really the only person that bugs her is her mother but that is just a mother daughter thing, and she wants her to be married and have children. Callie is not on that idea yet. After the first week of practice the principle asks to talk to her after practice and during the meeting it is brought up about a dance competition, like on T.V. for a fund raiser at the local country club. She had heard about it but really had not thought about competing because of all of the extra things she had been taking on. The principal wanted her to talk to the head football coach Bennett Clark into being her partner even though he had already said he did not want to do it. She said she would try. Thinking that the football coach would be old and stuffy she was surprised when he was well built 6’4” and worked out. Once she got her composer and they had their talk he still declined. Not telling her about his leg injury from a car accident his first year in the NFL that ended his career and put him her into teaching and being the head football coach. When Bennett finds out a week later that the prize is also scholarship money for seniors of the football team he decides to compete. Their practice and their feelings for each other takeoff and though she tries to hold back on the physical part they finally let their feelings for each other go and everything was going great up to a point where a player got seriously hurt at one of the games and Bennett put a wall around himself and lock everyone out including Callie, who with the help of her team raised money for some of his hospital bills along with the town and other people joined in. Bennett though did nothing because he was locked in his home thinking about his injury and when it came time for the dance she sat there by herself as people asked where he was. When one of his friends showed up at his house and chewed his a-s for being a jack a-s he look on the web page and saw that while he was feeling sorry for himself Callie and the school were actually doing something. He called his former fiancé and asked her what he was like after the accident and got the answer he was not expecting or wanting to hear but by then new it was the truth. If he wanted Callie in his life he would have to do something for her. That week at the pep rally with the help of her team and his he called her out to the middle of the floor and they did the dance. Later they talked about everything and he finally told her about his leg and he said with the help of her he would get out of his shell. A very good book and a fast read for me. I got this book from net galley.   I give this 5 stars.



Diamond Duplicity (Jewels of Desire, #1)Passion hotter than stolen diamonds

Lucy Matthews can’t believe her crazy luck. While she’s on a date with Mr. Wrong, her evening tilts from merely unfortunate to downright surreal when his attempt to sneak them into a club lands them in the middle of a diamond heist.

When gorgeous Max Callaghan discovers a hot and disheveled Lucy clutching his bag of diamonds at the crime scene, he brands her with a fiery kiss. His gang wants her dead, so Max rescues her by claiming her as his girlfriend. Lucy soon realizes with sudden, pulse-pounding clarity that she needs Max for another reason entirely, but their passionate ruse might not survive the intense pressure of a high-stakes mob war.


This book is a short read and though I don’t believe that in real life anything like this story would take place. I do think that the beginning of the story when Lucy Matthews who is on a date and then the whole chase scene and her boyfriend is not the type of guy she was expecting. That part I could see and was funny and was the beginning of the story that lead her to be holding a bag of diamonds. Turns out the men that she thought were the police were not and she is caught up into a night of unexpected events that even I cannot imagine happening all in one night and then after everything she be happy with the guy that started it all Max Callaghan. But as I said it is a story and a fast read and it was fun. Overall not bad. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 3 stars.


JUST ONE TASTE                                   KIMBERLY KINCAID

A little home improvement can go a long way…

Jesse Oliver was a medic in Afghanistan, but back home in Pine Mountain he’s happy to switch gears as the Double Shot bar’s new sous chef. When his apartment floods and his old Army buddy offers the family’s dilapidated lake house as temporary quarters, Jesse thinks a little remodeling on the creaky duplex sounds like a fair return favor. That’s before he sets eyes on the gorgeous woman moving into the other side of the cabin—and discovers she’s his buddy’s kid sister, a.k.a totally off limits.

Kat McMarrin has fought hard for her space, and she’s not too interested in sharing it. Of course, her job as a physical therapist means she won’t see much of Jesse, even if he’s a few thin floorboards away—unless she seeks him out. And with his sculpted body and slow-burn gaze, she might be tempted. Maybe the fixer-upper projects she has planned for the cabin will keep her mind off him. Or maybe her instincts to strip the place down will get out of hand…

This a good story about two people who find each other through a crisis. While out for a run Kat McMarrin apartment building gets flooded by broken pipes. When she gets back though upset she is thinking about an elderly couple and if they got out. She finds out that one of her neighbors help them though she really does not know the man he is quiet but the couple says he was nice. The man Jesse Oliver is Sous chef now after serving as a medic in Afghanistan. He gets a hold of a friend of his who says he has a place that he can stay at he just needs to help with some of the cleanup. He agrees. After the agreement Kat shows up and he realizes that Kat is his buddy’s sister. After a few awkward moments they work things and they both stay. They work out a scheduled but during one of the cleaning sessions it gets a little too close for him. He does not want to make it appear that he is taking advantage of the situation and it takes Kat a little to get him to understand that she can speak for herself. Once they are in the house for a while and find things out about each other he must somehow overcome his fears and she is there and she knows it is going to take time because of his past but she is attracted to him by his strength of making it when people said he should not have and how he does not have any family except for friends he has made and have stayed by him. He gives her what she needs also in remembering the things from her childhood that made her happy and one was a garden. When he plants one she is taken by his kindness. This is a very good story. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 stars.


ONE MORE SHOT                                    VICTORIA DENAULT

One More Shot (Hometown Players, #1)They say you only get one shot at making your dreams come true.

Jordan is determined to take two.

Drafted by the NHL at eighteen, Jordan Garrison was headed for fame, and there was only one person he wanted to share it with—Jessie Caplan. He was crazy in love with her, and had finally told her so. They shared an amazing night . . . and then everything fell apart. 

Jessie tries not to think about the night she gave herself to Jordan—or how he broke her heart. She tries not to think about it, but she does. Especially now, when she's staring into his sky-blue eyes for the first time in six years. After so much time and torment, she can't tell if she loves him or hates him. But Jordan has learned enough to know a connection like theirs is rare. He was lucky to find Jessie once. No way will he lose her again.

Jordan Garrison and Jessie Caplian for the most part grew up together. He was by her side from the first day she was introduced to the class as a new student. They did everything together and then through high school even though they liked each other they went out with other people. Then one night she got into a fight with her boyfriend and he was there for her. She thought he was still dating this one girl but he kept telling her that that was not the case. So one night they have a great night together and he has to leave later by going out her window. It appears everything is going good and they make plans for when he gets drafted by an NHL team that she can come with him and he can help pay for her college. This plan goes haywire the night of the draft and he is picked six overall which was good but in the audience is his ex and they show her on TV and running towards him. She sees this along with everyone else from their town and her sister talks her into taking a full ride scholarship to Arizona and she leaves the next morning. He has been trying to get hold of her but nothing is happening and when he gets back home her older sister who does not like him tells him she gone and she still thinks he is into the other girl does not give him her new number. He leaves his but she does not pass it along. Six years go by and now both are back in the home town and meet each other she still does not want anything to do with him but then he finds out that she has been working in the same town in which he has been playing hockey for, for a few years. Because of an injury he has the team send him to her clinic and ask for her. This is when the story heats up and they both have to make peace with past in order to have a future. It is very difficult for both but the overall story is very good. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 stars.


TWO OF HEARTS                                   CHRISTINA LEE

Two of HeartsA gripping standalone adult contemporary romance about finding yourself while taking a second chance at your first love…

Dakota Nakos was always the resilient, strong-willed achiever. But when her father dies and she’s entrusted with the family’s casino, she feels vulnerable, scared, and more than a little emotional —not exactly the best time to see an old lover she’s never really gotten over.

Dakota once meant the world to Shane Garrity. Then suddenly he left town to train as a U.S. Marshal, and their love for each other crashed into a memory. Now he’s come home for her father’s funeral, and one look at the girl he left behind stirs up both memories and regrets, and reignites a fire he feared he’d lost forever.

Dakota may be the same driven girl she always was, but she’s also changed in ways neither could have anticipated. She’s not just a young woman searching for own identity in the Native American community in which she was raised, but one questioning her new life outside her father’s shadow. Above all she wonders if Shane can push past her weakened defenses to rekindle what they once had, or whether the intense blaze between them will ultimately reduce her heart to ashes.

This book opens up at a funeral of a man who is a Native American and is the owner of an Indian casino, now he has turned the operation over to his wife and daughter. His daughter Dakota is wondering if she has learned everything from her father but knows she has her mother’s help and support. At the funeral she sees the one man that at one time was the love of her life or she thought she did, Shane. They grew up together and when he was younger worked for her father at the casino. He is now a U.S.Marshall, and his father is still the chief of police in the local town but does not have any authority on Native American land. He is still good friends with her brother and when her mother sees him she invites him to the house. This causes Dakota to deal with feelings that she thought she took care of look ago when they were in college together. Once together and talking they both realize there is still something there but she is really doing everything to push it aside, while he decides to investigate the death of her father. When an attempt is made on her life he decides to stay on longer and start driving her and her mother to meetings they have with the council on whether they will keep the casino or not. He also find out that a big company was trying to come in and buy Indian land for a casino but her father and her uncle were against it because the land was scared burial ground. Dakota, and Shane start spending more time together and she finds that like him she is a little jealous when a women comes up to him and starts to flirt even though he does nothing it still bothers her. Finally they have it out from when they broke up years before and he finds out that her father was murdered. The book does not end there because he has to go back to Washington to put in a report and find his next post and will Dakota stay or follow him. You have to read the book. A good story. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 stars.



Spicy White ChocolateWhat will five highly professional and well-respected women do to entice their erotic book club meetings? A game of seduction perhaps? Developing sinful stories of their own? Join them as they search for the perfect younger hunks to help satisfy their secret fantasies, indulging in uninhibited moments of passion. What happens when the selected men find out about their rouse?

Shawna Dupres was more than ready to have a steamy affair and so were the women in her erotic book club. Forming a wicked pact, each was to hunt and seduce a man. The winner would receive an all expenses paid weekend for the lucky couple. The kick was the hunk had to be much younger. Unfortunately owning Sauce and Spice, an upscale Cajun bistro and one with serious financial troubles forced long hours. She desperately needed inspiration for a spicy dessert and a way to save her livelihood. When Austin Tomlin arrived to repair a storm-damaged door, she knew the brawny man might be the tasty treat that could kick start her career and her libido. A spicy white chocolate fondue was a huge hit all the way around.

Austin craved the voluptuous woman at first sight and while she was years older, it only added to her allure and he knew Karma was giving him more than a hint or two. Engaging in a conversation, the sparks flew and they entered into a wild tryst in the middle of the kitchen, realizing they both craved more. Unfortunately Austin wasn’t who he purported himself to be and his secret could finish their relationship before it even started. Then again, if he came clean, he might be able to help her save her restaurant. But Shawna had been burned before. Could she trust this man to save not only her restaurant but also her heart?

This is a short story that is erotic. It begins with a group of ladies that met for their book club but come up with another way to make their meeting more enjoyable and the one that completes their task gets a vacation at a resort that they all agreed upon. The first story is about Shawna Dupres, who owns a restaurant but it has fallen into some finical trouble. She is also looking for a contractor who can fix her outside door from a recent storm damage. Enter Austin Tomlin, who is not only a contractor but also a younger man that she was looking for her escapade. Shawn is attracted to Austin but does not know if the feeling is mutual until one night when he comes in and after she closes they have a hot night. The problem is they are both attracted to each other and now must work out their little hang-ups. Hers is mainly not thinking that a younger man could really want to spend more time with her plus one that she is attracted to. When they decided to meet somewhere else to talk she also tells him about the bet and he asks if she completed it and when she says not the way she describe it. He asks for details and then they get busy with completing her end, and while they were in the mist of doing it one of her friends sees them and is surprised that she already did the deed but also found a gorgeous man who said he was into her. This was a fun story and actually a good book or I should say a short story. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 stars.


SMITTENED                                                JAMIE FARRELL

Smittened by Jamie FarrellDahlia Mallard is determined save her ice cream shop by getting country music superstar Billy Brenton to attend her risqué flavor-tasting event. But the closest she can get to Billy is his drummer, the womanizing Mikey Diamond. The more she gets to know Mikey, the more she wants to save him from his bad boy ways. When he discovers she’s using him to get to Billy, will she still be able to have her ice cream and eat it too? 

     Dahlia Mallard had a problem.  A guy she met had not only sweet talked her into bed but had sweet talked her out of her life savings.  Which helping out someone never bothered her but that he took off with it and never came by or called again broke her.  She was done with men.
     The bad thing was she had no real cash to help her make it through the winter months.  You see during the summer months you save all the great profits to make it through all the times when people don’t buy as much ice cream.  Oh didn’t I mention Dahlia inherited her ice cream shop from her aunt.  She loves it too, more than anything.  The next being her animals.  She was having an adult tasting, “Risqué Flavor Tasting Event.  Since she her Billy Brenton with his drummer and best friend Mikey Diamond were in town she hatched a plan to save her ice cream shop.
     Her plan was to ask Billy if he would attend in order to help out her business.  Yet when Billy and Mikey came in that morning she froze.  Later that night the ice cream gods shined down on her.  You see the house that Billy and Mikey were renting was right across the street.  Well it being it was winter they had an extra heater plugged in.  Mikey forgot to unplug it when he went out and well the house burnt down.  He stuck around to talk to the police and fire department and Billy took off to go look for a place to lay low and crash.
     As he was standing around waiting this cute woman with glasses and curves he liked started talking to him.  Then she offered up her spare room. (She did mean spare.  Her house was almost empty.) When he figured out that this wasn’t just charity and kindness she needed something from him to get to Billy… He needed something to a place to stay and a shower.  He would play along.  Stay one night until he could get the ball rolling on all the things he needed.  But this lady grew on him overnight, what the heck?  She was a live pistol that made him think and feel again.
     See how these two fight to keep their hearts protected.  See how they spar with one another causing a sexual tension to escalate.
     I enjoyed this super short story.  It gives you all that you need in a love story and humor too.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by

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CAN'T RESIST HIM                                   MOLLY McLAIN

Can't Resist Him (River Bend, #4)Sometimes what you want and what you need are two very different things. 

Always relegated to the “friends with benefits” corner of small town River Bend, Jenny Riley is done giving the milk for free. Falling hard for a bad boy? Not in the plan, either.

Sexy, emotionally-wounded Marine Reservist Brody Nelson just needs someone to lend an ear. A friend. Friends to lovers? That’s more than he bargained for.

Neither wants a relationship. A long distance friendship should be enough.
It’s not.

Warning: This books contains a tattooed, pierced hero with a few surprises up his sleeve...and a hella sexy one down his pants.
Can't Resist Him is the fifth book in the River Bend series.

     It was New Year’s Eve and Jenny Riley and Brody Nelson had met for the first time as far as Jenny knew.  Later was later told by Brody it was the second.  You see Jenny had a friends with benefits situation with Reed Fletcher that she knew since high school.  Until recently when Reed found the girl of his dreams again.  Therefore, dropping Jenny as a bed buddy but not as a friend, so he thought.  Especially since that was the normal M.O.
     Jenny was, “Not anymore!  All men were asses!  I am done giving my milk away for free!”  At some point she had met Brody when she and Reed were out with their friends.  But since she had been hoping Reed would really see her and fall in love with her one day he didn’t.  What he said at the beginning held true.  Basically that it was just sex, he wasn’t in love with her, and there wouldn’t be anything more than sex.  How do guys do that?  What does that mean?  That you’re there on call, call girl, or what?
     So when her friend Ally gets married in Vegas she goes and her roomie leaves her the suite that they shared the night before their wedding.  So she is there all alone.  She starts going ape bat crazy being there all alone that the thoughts of a relaxing bath makes her crazier.  Maybe that’s why she was with Reed so long he keep the loneliness away.
     Hating to be alone and yet hating to be alone in a bar on New Year’s Eve could be worse she says, “F” It!”  Goes down for a few drinks when Brody who thinks she’s not just hot but sexy.  Once I read, “Hot was how girls look, (and with her brown hair curviness,) “sexy was how a girl acted.  If a hot girl didn’t know how to move her body, she was just hot.”  That is what Brody saw yet he also saw a girl who had been hurt recently by a guy and no guy was going to get past the walls.
     He didn’t need that he had his own problems.  They stamped him with PTSD.  Three tours as a Marine and the UAS was messing with him.  So he was a little messed up after having a few friends die in his arms.  He could handle it he is a Marine after all.  Right?  Well, it didn’t work that way he had to talk to someone.  It took an encounter with a curvy brunette to get him to somewhat agree to counseling.  He’s there at least.
     It worked out that night at the bar when they bumped into each other going up to their rooms a sticky situation was brewing not of his making.  Jenny could tell it was not of his making so she jumped in the mix to help when one of the potential players follows them to their rooms.  She ends up with Brody in her room passed out at first.  When he wakes they share a meal then truths are shared that cut like a knife.  Causing a brick to be removed from their walls.  Once they come to an agreement to stay out of each other’s business and then it was time to…
     A bond was formed in Vegas.  Lack of sex actually cemented it for these two in a way having sex does it for others.  Since these two were the eternal bed buddies it was time for a change up.  Jenny because she was tired of the Reed rollercoaster.  For Brody it was the trust and the safe connection to talk about his last tour where he lost two buddies.  Find instead the woman he didn’t know he was looking for.
    This book was refreshing the way the author didn’t over do the PTSD but spoke of the struggle our strong proud service personnel have taking help to combat it.  It’s real and we as a nation need to encourage it not make them ashamed of it.  As Reed tried to make Jenny feel about Brody.  I also like that his friends, counselor, and himself knew Jenny couldn’t fix him he had to.  Yet he knew he liked who he was with her which got him to seek that help on a real basis. 
     I totally enjoyed the books funny parts, erotic parts, and gut wrenching parts too.  This author pulled you through a lot of different emotions but made it better in the end yet in a real way.  Totally worth your read.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by

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ANYTHING BUT BROKEN                                Joelle Knox

Anything but Broken by Joelle KnoxAfter five years, tragedy brings Hannah Casey back to Hurricane Creek to bury what’s left of her family. She’s flunking out of college, haunted by scandal, and the only person who cares is Sean Whitlow, an irresistible bad boy with a soft spot for her. The problem? He’s her dead sister’s ex.

Sean doesn’t bleed red, he bleeds motor oil. During the week, he struggles to turn his auto repair shop into a profitable business. But when Saturday night rolls around, he’s the reigning stock-car king of the local race track. He doesn’t know how to lose–or how to walk away and leave Hannah alone with her grief.

Between her grades and her wealthy family’s dark secrets, Hannah’s barely holding her life together. And the last thing Sean needs is to get tangled up with another Casey girl. As the attraction between them spins out of control, they’ll either find a love with no limits–or go up in flames.
     Hannah Casey’s life has been racked with lies, sadness, and senseless wreckage.  All brought on by the social standing in the community due to being one of the wealthier families.  It was all about appearance with her parents and never about their children.
     You see they had their required 2.5 children but their eldest was the bad seed that would not follow the program.  You see Hannah’s older sister Cait loved parties, fast cars, and fast boys.  That is how she ended up with Sean Whitlow.  Yet, no one really knew that Sean was the one trying to keep up with Cait.  She was always pushing the envelope.  Hannah had such a crush on Sean.
     Like every summer Hannah went to her grandparents for the summer to go feel normal.  Not to have to be in the show house playing perfect family.  That summer after graduation Cait joined them but then there was her terrible death.  At 15, Hannah lost her sister, her parents wouldn’t even let her come home for her funeral.   After that she just stayed on then and went to college from there leaving her parents and grandparents behind.  She was forced to go to school to become a lawyer but she was failing at that even though it was expected that she do well.
     When she gets a call that she need to come home and bury the rest of her family.  Her father was drunk again and wrapped himself and her mother around a tree.  She brain dead in ICU and he was dead.  She makes it in time for the funeral.  But has to stay on to pull the plug on dear old mom and there was the matter of the will.  Selling that house and all its secrets and ghost would be the first on her list.  Walking through her house she feels to many lies and ghost and leaves to find the seediest bar in town that would take her fake ID.  When she runs into her biggest and now still wet dream, Sean.
     There are ghost and secrets that need to be met but Gibbs Sean’s best friend thinks he needs to run from another too rich troubled Casey sister.  Sean is not too sure and thinks she’s worth testing the waters with.  Is it because of her sister or truly for Hannah?  Because he really appears to be good Okay with Hannah through all the joys of foreplay and pre-sex.  Knowing she could leave at any time.
     This is an emotionally filled storyline.  The family dynamics of Hannah are filled with pitfalls of epic proportions.  Yet, you get to see what the love of a solid family like Sean’s who is willing to take in strays can engulf and help heal not only scars but deep wounds.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by

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When Least Expected by Allison B. HansonWhispering breezes, clear mountain lakes—and her ex.

Alexis Montgomery thought her marriage was fine. Sure, they were going through hard times, struggling to get pregnant—but she and Ian had chemistry, friendship, and love. Or so she thought, until she found the separation agreement waiting for her on the countertop.

Ian Montgomery feels like life is spinning out of his control. He’s got a new girlfriend, even if he can’t remember why he’s supposed to want one. His family clearly likes his ex-wife more than they like him. And then he inherits the romantic family cabin in the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains, where he and Alexis honeymooned. Or rather, they both inherit it. Together.

A weekend alone with fresh air and fresh wounds seems like the worst thing that could happen to an ex-couple trying to keep it civil. But life is full of surprises—and Ian and Alexis are in for a big one…

     Love hurts is right.  But it doesn’t mean you bail when times get tough, or you can’t get your wife pregnant and she’s depressed already.  Yet that is exactly what Ian Montgomery does.  Not because he didn’t love her he said but because he did.  He couldn’t stand to disappoint her anymore and seeing it daily.  Especially, each time she took a pregnancy test.
     Alexis on the other hand had started to figure out she had gone to baby crazy mode in their excitement to have a child since Ian said he didn’t want to adopt.  Then they had to take it clinical which took the fun out of it, she was getting ready to tell Ian when he snuck out while she was at work.  He worked from home.
     Then he kept promising they would go to counseling when he knew all along this was not a trial separation at all.  He one day called with a heads up to say his lawyer would be serving her with divorce papers.  The divorce went quick because he gave her everything because he couldn’t stand to take anything else away from her, like he did a family.
     Little did he know that just about the whole Montgomery family was behind Alexis and not him.  His sisters weren’t afraid to tell him so either.  His favorite Uncle still had her over for dinner where she cooked for him every Thursday.
His eldest sister and Alexis were best friends his goose was cooked.
     So, it killed him when he had to make the call to tell Lex that the favorite Uncle Jimmy had passed away that morning.  He realized that he couldn’t go to her and tell her because if he held her he wouldn’t be able to let her go.  He hoped she would meet someone who one day could give her that family she so wanted.  It would kill him but he loved her enough to want it for her.  It would be a slow death.
     Uncle Jimmy left Alexis and Ian his cabin.  It was written in his will that the two of them had to visit it one time before they decided what to do with it.  This was the cabin he asked Lex to marry him, the cabin they honeymooned in, and their vacation place.  All I can say is what happens at the cabin that long weekend did not stay at the cabin.  Which is a shock to them since she was told no babies.  Ian couldn’t take it seeing her disappointment every day and now he failed her.  So instead of working it out he walked out.  Three and a half years have passed as has Jimmy.  From the grave he was bestowing his wisdom and gift to them.  He had nagged Ian all the time after the divorce to fix it.  When soon after leaving Ian got a crazy girlfriend who was way younger than himself that he brought to visit Jimmy he told him never bring her back again.  Staying away from his favorite uncle was not an option.  Out of shame Jimmy would only show up at Ian’s place to guilt him there for his actions.
     See how this couple deals with the after effects of Ian’s selfish decision and how Uncle Jimmy works his magic from the grave.  Can there be real solution or will Ian feel his family sold him out?
     This was such a good story of a couple who were madly in love but allowed a process to show that love overpowered them.  They lost communication and passion but never their love at the end.  What a great storyline.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by 

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HERE HE COMES AGAIN                           MELISSA SHIRLEY

Here He Comes Again by Melissa ShirleyWelcome to Storybook Lake, where dreams come true.

Not all fairy tales have a happy ending. Jocelyn learned that the hard way, when she married her high school sweetheart Keaton Shaw—only to have him break her heart.

But that was a long time ago. The papers were signed, the divorce finalized, and Jocelyn is no longer a little girl with her head in the clouds. That’s why no one in Storybook can believe it when Keaton, the All-American dream boy, walks into Jocelyn’s bakery, looking as sweet as one of her frosted cupcakes, and demanding a second chance with the woman he still calls his wife.
     Can love really fix everything?  That was the question Jocelyn Shaw was facing when her ex-husband walked back into her life.  It may have gone a whole lot better for him if her twin brother, Simon the Chief of Police, had not gone along with his best friend and her ex to surprise her for her birthday.
     You see Keaton Shaw came up with the plan to wake her up at 3:30 a.m. telling her he needed her to bail him out of jail.  Banking on the love she still had for him, in spite of the divorce.  She shows up and as he’s explaining her brother comes up behind her to the cell area with a beautiful cake she had labored for several hours decorating at the bakery she owns.  Putting a huge price on it so she could share it with her twin later.  When they both yell surprise!
     Unfortunately, they did not get the reaction they had hope for.  Especially when she turned around to see Keaton out of the cell that wasn’t locked at all.  She shoves the cake at her brother calls them both a few choice names and leaves out the building.  Keaton follows her trying to explain.  But she turns on him.  She says I have to be to work at the bakery early and you wake me from a dead sleep.  Then you lie to me again.  She gets in her car and drives out like a bat out of hell.
     She is pissed because her brother had always taken Keaton’s side.  He never knew how the family loyalty thing worked.  Keaton may have been his best friend but she was his sister.  Twin at that.  If she just hadn’t fell for him way back when and believed he would love her forever.  But seeing him lip locked with the woman she hated since kindergarten on their anniversary just about did her in.  At that moment her broke her but when she was ready to roll again she was pissed and she was up and running.  Still loved him but couldn’t waste time on a man who betrayed her.
     See if they can mend old wounds.  Ride the wild ride this author takes you on.  It’s worth it.  It’s emotional in the way that it’s more real than not but oh so funny.  I give this 5 stars.
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TEAM TOMAS #2                                       ALLY ADAMS

“I’ll remember, until my dying breath.”
Tomás Carrera didn’t expect Alice Peterson to rock his world.
Growing up with a single mom and as the eldest of five siblings, Tomás has had to be responsible all his life. Now his super star soccer status has provided for his family and allowed him to let his hair down… and that’s just what he’s doing.
Signed to the Santa Ana Saints, Tomás is catching up for lost time with fast women, a fast Ducati motorcycle and a bevy of adoring fans. That is, until he loses his heart to Alice and is torn with wanting her and his independence.
Next in the series: Team Niklas

     When your heart falls it falls hard and when you’re Alice Peterson 21, and you're still a virgin what do you do?  You see her friend Mia had become “the minder” and now the live-in girlfriend to Lucas the Santa Ana Saints Captain Soccer team.  Not long after Mia started Lucas had a party at his home and Alice went.  When she was there she met and had a few dances with Tomas Carrera goalkeeper for the Saints.
     He never asked for her numbers though.  Then they ran into each other another time he asked for her number but only texted her once.  When he sees Mia he asks about her.  Then they’re at a post partY at a local pub and he runs into Mia with Alice and a few of her college friends.
     That same night a guy from the college that Alice would have given her eye teeth to be with comes in he sees Lucas hanging with her and Tomas coming over to say Hi.  They make eye contact Finn and Alice and he does the chin lift to her saying hi.  She does the quick hand up no wiggle to the fingers.  Tomas sees it all.  Was he jealous?  He ask her out to dance and says, “Why haven’t you called me Al..iss!” (That’s how he says her name.)
     There’s one thing Tomas doesn’t know is that two past “F” buddies talking about being with him were at the bar and she heard them talking about how he is as a lover and what he gives as a going away gift for the one nighter.  They said he likes it hard and fast.  That afterwards he gives gifts like jewelry.  The more she was put off with him the more he wanted from her.  So when everyone was leaving it was understood he take Alice home.  Lucas even gave him the warning look, like she is Mia’s friend don’t mess with her.  Instead he takes her to his house.
     Take her to his room things get hot and heavy he started to become rough.  As she remember hearing about so she wasn’t too afraid.  When he asked what position she wanted to try first she said she didn’t know she’d never tried any before.  He froze when he got her meaning.  He freaked.  Saying, “Oh no not happening.  Not this way it was to be special not with him.”  She said yes she wanted him.  He took off to the master bathroom where he was gone so long that she fell asleep.  Tomas the next morning was gone to training by the time she woke up.
     Going into the kitchen she runs into Tomas’ sister, Valentina, who is just gorgeous.  A full figured gal but on her it looked fantastic.  She was very sweet considering Alice was doing the walk of shame.  Other than that night it’s been 2 weeks before she hears from him again.
     When she does boy game on until a secret he kept nearly ends them altogether.  See how the feathers fly as he pays the price of his own making.  Totally enjoyed.  I give this 5 stars. Provided by

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LET’S WELCOME KATE CARLEY  AUTHOR OF: Rad-Reader:  Where did the idea for the storyline come from? Kate:   I love...