Maid in the U.S.A. (The Bad Boy Billionaires #2)


Maid in the USA by Judy AngeloWho Ever Said Billionaire Bachelors and Modest Maids Dont' Mix?

Celine Santini couldn't have been more shocked when billionaire bachelor Pierce D'Amato offers her a job as nanny to his four-year-old charge. After all, he hardly even knows her. But after finding herself thrown into an unexpectedly intimate encounter with him, are they really strangers? Celine is captivated by the green-eyed heartthrob who takes her heart ransom but how can she give in to her feelings when they're from two totally different worlds?

From the first day he lays eyes on the dark-eyed beauty, Pierce D'Amato knows he is lost. He immediately devises a plan to get her under his roof...and it works. But the more he gets to know the sweetly seductive Celine Santini the more he realizes there's a lot more to this woman than he could ever have imagined. Her intriguing combination of sophistication and innocence keeps him forever off-balance and, before he knows it, his bachelor heart turns traitor. The heart knows what the heart wants and it wants Celine Santini...whatever the cost.


Wow, a HEA with no sex scenes, because the main character actually wanted to be a virgin when she got married. Yet, guess what it was still a very good heart warming, funny & sweet story of three people who are thrown together but under strange happenings form a loving family. I myself loved this book.

Conquering Zeus (Seals on Fire #7)

CONQUERING ZEUS (SEALS ON FIRE #7)                                   CERISE DELAND
Posted: June 23, 2013

Conquering Zeus (SEALs On Fire, #7)Getting in the party mood for a weekend away with his SEAL teammates is no easy deal for “Zeus” Calderon. He’s hung up on a woman he saved from terrorists months ago, but he should be able to forget a gutsy blonde reporter who showed resilience and humor under fire. Shouldn’t he?

Kim Stansfield got the instant hots for the hunky Navy SEAL who led her out of harm’s way—and she’s got proof Zeus feels the same about her. He’s stubborn, but she’s devised a plan to conquer him.

When she shows up in Key West and surprises him on the beach, Zeus learns that once in a lifetime a man meets a woman he can’t forget—and every day without her is no easy day.


Compared to all of the other Seals on Fire that I have read, which were all of them, I feel cheated with this one. I feel like we did not really get to know these two very well as characters. And just as they were getting to start talking it jumps to the epilogue. There is no explanation as to how, why when & where the blood count came along until the end you get it. Still a good read but not the best. 3 1/3 stars -4.  Still steamy.

Touching Ghost (Seals on Fire #6)

Posted: June 23, 2013

Touching Ghost (SEALs On Fire #6)What a sweet little blast from his past! Ren “Ghost” Ramsey hadn’t planned on taking a trip back in time while Stateside with SEAL Team Arapaho but that’s what he gets when sweet Sadie Ballew buys a plane ticket to Key West and makes an offer he can’t refuse. Back in small town Oklahoma, he’d been the local bad boy complete with a chip on his shoulder and she’d been the only person who’d loved him despite it all. She’d been a girl then but things are a hell of a lot different now and Ren wants nothing more than to burn up the sheets with the sassy lady.

Ren was a man now. And what a man! Now a SEAL known as Ghost, a complete bad ass, infiltrator and spy, Sadie sees only the boy she’d loved and lost all those many years ago. His little R & R is just the excuse she needs to see if she’s woman enough to heat things up between them and claim him for her own…once and for all. Is she up for the challenge? Hoorah! Sadie is a woman who exactly what she wants… Ren in her bed and in her life.


This story by far has to be one of my favorites. Although, I loved them all so far with one more to read. But, the childhood connection Ghost & Doc had & the the memories from back then that has kept them both safe & sane is endearing. Their erotic encounters you can just feel the love all the way to your toes without any declarations. Will they be able to get past the bed & into a future read on & see what happens along their path.

Melting Ice (Seals on Fire #5)

Posted: June 23, 2013

Melting Ice (SEALs On Fire #5)Syndra Banks should be thrilled by an invitation to join SEAL team Arapahoe in Key West for a wild good time. Instead the text summons from Ice pisses her off. Why? Because he calls and she goes running, without fail, every damn time. And now she doesn’t have a choice. If Syn wants to get her personal life moving forward she has to see him again in person to break it off.

Thanks to his smokin’ hot lover, Master Chief Sam Westervelt is losing his edge. Syn is melting the ice that runs in his veins, turning it into a river of molten lust. His discipline is shot and he’s daydreaming about intense, steamy sex while on missions, putting his entire team at risk. But he has a surefire plan all figured out if he can just toe the line a little longer.

Sometimes getting what you want is as simple as reaching out, grabbing hold and not letting go.


There was so much inner turmoil going on between these two. You were just waiting for their tops to blow. They so wanted to be together but just could not get out of their own way. Syn & Ice just wanted normal but on their terms but neither one wanted to break the code of silence & share feelings/emotions. Was it time to call it quits or move it forward? I recommend this erotic funny story. You will enjoy it. So far it is the Seals on Fire that I have read & I have enjoyed the most.

Jagger's Moves (Seals on Fire #4)

Posted: June 23, 2013

Jagger's Moves (SEALs On Fire #4)Jagger’s ready to cast off the weight of his Seals responsibility, if only for a few days. Except his mom’s a pro with guilt which has him standing in the airport waiting for his childhood friend. Maybe a quick lunch, a fast game of catch up and he’d be out the door and on his way to the bar where his teammates were waiting.


Jagger & Lexa are childhood friends & even pen pals who apparently have not seen each other in awhile. "The Mothers" as they are called got word to Javier that Alexa would be passing through Miami to meet her at the airport & get her settled. He is not happy since he still thinks of her as a kid sister he never had. That was his first mistake. As he & his friend Trip wait at the airport they both start drooling over a woman who just got off a private jet. Trip figures out who she is but Jagger has no clue. This is where the fun begins.
Lexa is sassy which makes this book fun to Jagger macho male role. I just wish there was more storyline then sex/bed time. Really more like a 3 1/2 stars for me.

Jonesin" For Action (Seals on Fire #3)

Posted: June 23, 2013

Jonesin' For Action (SEALs On Fire #3)Losing half a leg hasn't slowed down Aiden Jones. He can't deploy as a SEAL anymore, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying life as he always has. The one challenge left is to take a woman to bed. It's not his ability he questions, but his appeal. Can a woman overlook his damaged leg?

Marissa Nelson tends bar while working on her dissertation. Cautious by nature, hooking up with customers isn't her style, but Aiden tempts her to break the rules. More than the sum of his parts, he's a man who can rock her world.


Aidan is ready to fly solo. Which is so new for him since he has always been a strong force on his team. Yet, when the wheels go up on this next mission Aiden won't be going up again. When he was hit by that IED struck his whole life changed. But, today was a huge milestone for him. The team took him water skiing. To most that might not seem like a lot but Aidan is missing part of his leg. Now, he intends to see if his luck will hold out when he tries to score with the ladies like he use to before the injury. No wing man required, ego couldn't take it if shot down. So, first bar out , behind the bar is tiny, sweet, & beautiful Marissa. Will he score? This romantic erotica is such a sweet heart breaker of a back story. Meaning behind the sex. I recommend this book.

Dagger's Edge (Seals on Fire #2)


Dagger's Edge (SEALs On Fire #2)Though well hidden, deep scars from Dean "Dagger" Gregory's troubled past have influenced each important decision he's ever made, including joining the military and keeping his distance from his best friend's sister, Mia Benson, the only woman he's ever loved. But after Dagger's friend strong-arms him into checking on the feisty redhead during his leave in Key West, he finds himself under sexual attack and with no desire—or willpower—to retreat.


Dagger & Brice were best friends. Brice's little sister is Mia who is 2 years younger then Dagger. Yet, beyond him in school & most of his classmates when she was advanced to his grade. She was in love with Dagger from the day Brice's brother brought him home with him & since she was his little sis & taboo to him Dagger ignored her. So, Mia used her smarts for good & bad to get his attention. Now all these years later the seal team is using Brice's home in Miami & he asks Dagger to check on is sis for him. Here's where it gets interesting & secrets, fears, & dreams are revealed. This is another sweet romantic erotica. This is the third in the series that I have read & although it was good I feel there was something missing. I hope that there is going to be a follow up to all these stories because I have to say I hate how they all end. No closure. But, I still recommend.

Coyote Heat (Seals on Fire #1)

COYOTE HEAT (SEALS ON FIRE #1)                        DESIREE HOLT
Posted: June 23, 2013

Coyote Heat (SEALs On Fire #1)

Miguel “Coyote” Cruz is happy to join his SEAL Team Arapaho teammates for a wild weekend at Key West. After all, they just came off a particularly tough mission and Coyote is ready to let it all hang out. The love ‘em and leave ‘em Cruz sees the female population of the tourist town as a veritable banquet for him. The last thing he expects is to meet a woman who gives new meaning to hot sex but who also singes his heart. What’s a no-commitment SEAL to do?

I totally got into the story. Coyote & Cori had a real good chemistry together. He liked her for her spitfire personality & she liked him for his upfront honesty.There were a few problems with spelling with an extra letter in most cases that changed the worked meaning to be used. As far as the story itself ok, in the bar when Cori changed clothes did she have some in the car or what? Because Coyote walks to the bathroom to change & Cori is back in a whole new outfit. The second issue just wish there was an epilogue it just spots. I was happy for the most part.But felt cheated too. Overall I recommend I did enjoy it but know it is a romantic erotica.

The Husband Hunt (The Bachelor #1)

Posted: 23, 2013

The Husband Hunt (The Bachelor, #1)
What a very cute idea. As a way to show her NFL ex. That she is not boring she sends in a demo tape for a game show. You guessed it looking for a husband & maybe even love. She does find it but not where you think. So, how it all gets turned around & who & why is sweet. Cute book

Seattle food critic Jaxie Hart is dumped by her quarterback boyfriend and hoping to show him her adventurous side, she goes on the famous reality show The Husband Hunt. When she finds out that the Bachelor is someone forbidden, Jaxie must consider taking herself out of the competition even though for the first time in her life she's actually falling in love.


The Marrying Man: A Novella


The Marrying ManCat O'Leary Zaslow is a best-selling mystery writer. (She's also the single mother of five kids under twelve.)

Riley McKendrick is a famous efficiency expert who once whipped the White House into shape. (He's also an ex-cowboy who believes in traveling light.)

Opposites definitely attract but everyone knows they should never try living together.

On a bet, Riley moves into Cat's Connecticut farmhouse and vows to have her chaotic lifestyle under control before the weekend is over. But five kids, six dogs, four cats, and one strong-minded woman may be more than even he can handle.But when it comes to love, all bets are off...
(Previously printing in the Love and Laughter Anthology.)


Cat & Riley were such interesting characters that I just really loved. I enjoyed their, instant chemistry, their bantering, & their insecurities. I just wish the author would have given us more background on Cat & her up bringing. They talked a great deal about his. I also felt like the ending was rushed & it was like so how did it happen this way? Although it was what I wanted & knew, what was going to happen. Some type of reasoning would have been nice of where this person went, but that's me. Very endearing story though.  I enjoyed it.

Cardio Session

CARDIO SESSION                                        XAVIER EDWARDS
Posted: June 23, 2013

Cardio SessionStill fairly new to the city, Cathy is still finding her feet. Work is getting in the way of her having a social life, but she is managing to keep reality in check with her late night gym sessions.

She isn’t completely alone in her late night workouts, and the eye candy is very much welcome. One of these days she’s going to do something about it, but the lack of a regular social life competing with not being sure of how her ogling is being received is holding her back.


First off you need to know this is just a first chapter. That being said. I would really gave this a 3.5 stars. I could not get into it until the locker room action began. Even then I kept thinking our hero was going to reveal to our heroine that he was gay. By the mention of his dress after a shower & a possibility of coffee after workout. But, locker room action saved this by far. Storyline was an interesting one not read in a long while. Hope to read more. Did get to read for free on Amazon.

A Negotiated Marriage

Posted: June 23, 2013

A Negotiated MarriageSex wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal.

Three years into a marriage of convenience, Molly’s high-powered CEO husband wants to add a new term to their marriage agreement. Sex—without any messy emotional entanglements. But weekly sex with Luke, despite their carefully negotiated terms, is likely to get messy eventually.

Content in a mutually beneficial arrangement, Molly isn’t going to fall for Luke the way she fell for an old lover, only to be crushed in the end. She vows to stay strong, no matter how much intimacy develops between them in bed. When her old lover returns, finally wanting a real relationship, Molly has the chance to give her heart to a man who will accept it.

It’s too bad she now wants to give it to her husband, who has never admitted her heart is what he wants.


This was a very entertaining storyline. The characters seemed very well thought out, as well as the plot. It just seemed to flow, I did not find any place where I felt myself becoming bored. The love scenes were scorching hot. This was just a fun book. I do wish however we had alittle more background on why Molly had no family & why he was such a brooding man that was tight with his feelings. & what about an epilogue? Most of all I liked that Molly was just an everyday girl like the rest of us & that without trying she was bringing Luke back from his dark side to just be a normal everyday guy, with money of course. ;) Otherwise, I recommend.

The Doctor Wears A Stetson

Posted: June 23, 2013

The Doctor Wears A StetsonJessie Devine can rebuild an engine blindfolded, but when it comes to men, she's all thumbs. When it comes to Cameron McCade, it's even worse. He stole her heart in high school, then left town for good. Now he's back and sparks are flying. Can they take up where they left off? Can Jessie risk her heart again? Repairing cars is no problem, but taming Cameron's restless spirit is something else entirely.


The atmosphere sizzled in the small office. Jessie stood like a statue, her eyes opened wide. "Why did you come back?" Her raspy voice held a note of accusation.

Cameron also heard anguish in her words. Was he causing Jessie pain? When all he wanted was to hold her in his arms, take her to bed and make love to her until the passion between them was spent?

In two long strides, he was beside her. She backed against the file cabinet. He stepped closer.

"You know why I'm back. We need to finish what we started seventeen years ago." He touched a finger to her cheek, traced the smooth line of her jaw, eased his hand behind her neck and pulled her to him. Her trembling intensified and she put her hands on his chest as if to ward him off.

He caught her hands and moved them over his heart. "Feel my heartbeat, Jess. It's beating for you." He pressed his body against hers. "Feel how much I want you. I tried to stay away, but God help me, I couldn't."

His mouth claimed hers in fierce desire. Jessie moaned, holding back only for a second, knowing deep down resistance was hopeless.

She couldn't help it . . . she kissed him back.


Loved the book. The characters were well thought out the storyline was interesting. It did get old with the heroine fighting the relationship at every turn. It was like she was a tease yet he did give the mixed messages. All in all this is a good book. Would continue with the series if I could get them all for .99 each but not to continue the rest at $2.99 each.

The Baby Doctor (Emergency #2)

Posted: June 23, 2013

The Baby DoctorThe Baby Doctor is the second enthralling episode in our medical series centered around St. Joe's Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. There, bodies are healed. And hearts are sometimes broken....
Dr. Morgan Jacobsen
But what should draw them together almost pulls them apart as Morgan's generous nature propels her deeper and deeper into Luke's own secret life - a life he isn't ready to share with anyone....


This was a very enjoyable story. There were so many supporting roles to the two main roles of Morgan a OBGYN doctor & Luke also a doctor in OBGYN. Both 36, Morgan never married yet has two crazy dogs, one eyed cat & a pregnant 15 yr. Old foster daughter Tessa who she loves. As for Luke he is a widower, self absorbed, scared and angry, who is the father of Sophie also a 15 yr. Old. Daughter who is pregnant. Morgan & Luke on the surface appear to dislike each other but when a string of mishaps have them crossing each others paths fates pull seems to be working. There is so much going on you can't be bored. You will cry & laugh with them. This book is more then meets the eye. But you will surely smile.

Full Recovery

FULL RECOVERY                                        BOBBY HUTCHINSON
Posted: June 23, 2013

Full Recovery (Doctor series)Dr. Joanne Duncan delivers a baby girl in the E.R. of Saint Joseph's Hospital in Vancouver, B.C. Within hours, the baby is abducted, and Joanne and security guard Spencer Mathews unite in a desperate attempt to find the baby.

Joanne is a highly respected emergency room physician, and Spence was a highly respected member of the RCMP. But when a car crash took his ex-wife's life and crippled his daughter, a devastated Spence left the force, feeling it was all his fault. All he can handle now is working security at St. Joe's.

Full recovery--it's what Joanne and Spence are after. Recovery of their hearts, of the freedom to live their lives in the present without ghosts from the past, and most of all, recovery of the baby girl who's become a symbol of all the losses in their lives.


This is the second book I have read from this author & I was not disappointed. The way she weaves a story so that a readER feels like they are right there with the characters as opposed to just reading about it. You could feel the emotions that Spencer & Joanne had for one another & you could feel the pains of their pasts that crowded their futures. There is HEA so you can be happy for that.

Beauty Touched The Beast

Posted: June 23, 2013

Beauty Touched the Beast (Beauty, #1)Erin cleans Mr. Morris’ house twice a week, soaking up every moment with the reclusive ex-soldier. Blake Morris knows that he’s scarred both inside and out and no good for someone like her.

Then Erin walks in on Blake touching himself, moaning her name, and all bets are off. Beauty Touched the Beast is a short erotic story of lovers finding refuge with each other. Not for those under 18 years of age or those uncomfortable with the subject matter.


This story for me had no depth what so ever. The characters may have interacted with one another but I couldn't really feel an emotional connection between them at all. Yes, the words said they felt for each other but right words did not bring me to climax like she felt several times. After awhile Erin & Blake's relationship should have said more then his thinking over & over about his looks. He was a soldier for goodness sake, once or twice maybe but over & over?  This book was just OK.

Curvy Girls: Claimed By The Cowboy

Posted: June 23, 2013

Curvy Girls: Claimed by the Cowboy
Ty Jackson was Abigail’s high school nemesis. The popular quarterback mocked her full figure and her studious ways; hurt, she ran a humiliating picture of him in the school newspaper. She can’t imagine anything more infuriating than the big, handsome jerk coming back from the big city and living on the ranch next door to her property…except being blackmailed into a fake marriage to help him save his family’s ranch. But what are Ty’s true reasons for wanting to marry Abigail…and what are his secret plans for the ranch?


This is a story of two people who grew up together in a small town acting as if they hated each other. Yet, secretly having mad crushes on one another. He (Ty) was the total jock who dated & laid every girl in site almost. She (Abigail) was the school photographer who had full breast & large hips. She was good enough for Ty to kiss once behind the bleachers but once he heard his friends coming it ended & the name calling started. Now years have gone by & the crush is still there but can all the "I'm sorry's" in the world help? Can they work through the pass hurts? Or will Abby always question what he says & does?
I really loved Abby's posse they were a hoot. Richard gets what he had coming. So glad things worked out for sweet Dylan. I recommend this book. Love scenes beyond sizzling.

Addicted to Him

ADDICTED TO HIM                                     MILA McCLUNG
Posted: June 23, 2013

Addicted To Him (The Man Season, #2)Tegan St. Clair works in a florist shop in Burbank, and fantasizes about her dream man, Fleet Westcott, the billionaire film producer who owns the studio across the street, never imagining that she could ever meet him in real life.

Then Fleet steps out of her dreams and into her bed, and she is swept up in a passion so electric it leaves scars. But Fleet is a complicated man, with some dark, dangerous secrets. Can Tegan find the courage to save him, even if it means her own life is on the line?

ADDICTED TO HIM is a SHORT story in the MAN SEASON series. It has sexual situations, and is roughly 41 pages.


Okay, this cover does nothing for this book. It was a little strange at first the way these two start their relationship on the first day. Then how they have been fantasizing about each other is spooky. Then the book starts taking a Scooby Doo turn & wow hold on to your seat belts you're going to Jupiter. It has mystery, erotica, suspense, love & addiction. What ride you will have but this storyline was fun to go on it was a real change from what I normally read.

Double Plush

DOUBLE PLUSH                                          LEANORE ELLIOTT
Posted: June 23, 2013

Double Plush Velvet (Velvet, #1)“Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere…”

Meet Bren Plush, shy, a bit heavy and tired of her dreary life— When an irresistibly hot cowboy starts coming into the diner where she works, her world started to shift. How could she get his attention? Follow Bren through her obstacle-filled journey to win the man of her dreams and jump-start her life.


What a fun storyline over all, yet my biggest problem is the twin thing. It just got to the point where I was confused. One of those times no woman would really not want to be confused. I loved the way the main characters bantered with one another. I truly loved that the twins mother & sister were strong full figure women. Allowing the character to to be even more free with who she was. Enjoyed it overall. There is some hot steamy moments be aware.

A Weekend Temptation

Posted: June 23, 2013

A Weekend TemptationA tragic accident has stolen Joel Stanfield's ability to love. But he can't escape the memory of the unforgettable kiss he shared with his sexy coworker, Ava Carson. When she leaves his company, he shows up on her doorstep, determined to burn her out of his memory with a week of scorching passion.
Ava can't resist the temptation of hot sex with Joel, on a private island. After the temporary affair, she hopes to be free of her obsession so she can find love, but she's in for the shock of a lifetime when she finds she's pregnant.
Will Ava find a way to heal Joel and unlock his heart, or will Joel lose his second chance at love and family?


Ava & Joel: Ava is Joel's Secretary at the opening of the book who he had kissed once in a drunken stooper. She fell in love that night & he in lust. You see Joel has a secret in his past the won't allow him to love again & open his heart to another. Yet, he can marry a socialite to further his business, have regular sex with by marrying her & won't want children. So, when he becomes engaged to this woman Ava resigns knowing she can't watch the man she loves anymore especially now with this other woman who now be planning their wedding. But, he won't let her quit so he thinks. After Ava is gone several weeks he meets with her & convinces her to come away with him for mind blowing sex to his island so they can get each other out of each others minds for just one week. Well, guess what happens? and find out. I enjoyed this book the chemistry of the characters was believable for the most part(heck your talking billionaires what do I know?) I read for free on amazon.

Good Neighbors

GOOD NEIGHBORS                                    SHEILA ROBERTS
Posted: June 23, 2013

Good Neighbors (Harlequin More Than Words)In Good Neighbors, Meredith Lange hopes that she and her son can start over in Icicle Falls, Washington. Her family's cabin is the only thing she's got left after settling her late husband's gambling debts. But on the first night in her new home, Jed Banks shows up, claiming to be the cabin's rightful owner. Then her son, Leo, starts getting into trouble at school.

Jed offers to help Leo adjust to life in Icicle Falls. His charitable organization, Youth Power, pairs up troubled kids with a responsible teen mentor. But how can Meredith accept Jed's help? He may be a devoted advocate for young people and a very attractive man, but he's also trying to take away her home...

Look for all three ebooks inspired by real-life heroines: Good Neighbors by Sheila Roberts, Just Joe by Carla Cassidy and Light This Candle by Cindy Dees. Visit the Harlequin More Than Words website at or your favorite ebook retailer to download these free novellas today.


This short story starts off with a case of if you didn't have bad luck you would have no luck. This poor young widowed woman with a son feels she is a double loser already when it comes to men because the second man she allowed to get close to her heart wrapped his car around a tree in a drunken stooper. After, putting her so far in gamblers debt she can't see the light of day. Her only thing left is the cabin gifted to them by her parents so she moves there with her son. Now to find out after she is all moved in said husband sold it after forging her signiture signing her name to all the paperwork. Now, handsome new owner wants her out. Hmmm...does that happen? You have to read this sweet read. Heartbreaking at times too. But very good.

Just Joe

JUST JOE                                                    CARLA CASSIDY
Posted: June 23, 2013

Just Joe (Harlequin More Than Words)In Just Joe, Stacy Donovan is willing to do whatever it takes to save her charity, Bounties from the Gardens. Families in need are counting on her organization for fresh fruits and vegetables. Running the charity has always been Stacy's dream, and if winning a local dance competition will keep her dream alive, that's what she'll do.

After years of being consumed by work, Joe Carpenter has discovered a new passion: giving back to the community. He's started to volunteer at Bounties from the Gardens, and he's falling for the beautiful, dedicated Stacy. But Stacy is so focused on looking after her charity, she might miss the fact that Joe is just the person to watch over her heart.

Look for all three ebooks inspired by real-life heroines: Good Neighbors by Sheila Roberts, Just Joe by Carla Cassidy and Light This Candle by Cindy Dees. Visit the Harlequin More Than Words website at or your favorite ebook retailer to download these free novellas today.


This three book series of charities are very good. Each one shows the true spirit of the human heart to be truly giving of time, money, love, themselves, & so much more. In this one Stacey & Joe have done some heart wrenching things that puts them in places where they have trust issues where their hearts are concerned. They have a good chemistry but this story I kept feel like it was missing some emotional depth I guess is the word. The storyline told me I should have felt it but I did not, not the way I should have. Hmmm? Was still a good story just not for me 100%.

The Highest Bidder

THE HIGHEST BIDDER                              SOMMER MARSDEN
Posted: June 23, 2013

The Highest BidderRecent widow Casey Briggs is all about her upcoming charity bachelor auction. She doesn’t have time for dating. Her heart isn’t strong enough yet. But when one of their bachelors is arrested and she finds herself a hunky guy short, she employs her best friend Annie to find her a new guy pronto.

Enter Nick Murphy – handsome, kind, and not very hard to look at, thank you very much. And he quickly makes her feel things she hasn’t felt in a while. A very long while. Casey’s not sure if she’s ready for it – the whole moving on thing. But as she prepares to auction Nick off, she’s discovering that her first hunch was correct – he’s damn near priceless.


SWEET, FUNNY, SAD, HONEST, HORNY, & SEXY SHORT STORY. WOW, did I cover it all? If I didn't you will have to fill in the rest of the adjective to describe Casey (the horny widow) & Nick (the. Bachelor). I thought it was a very cute story but I thought the ending could have been more evolved. Otherwise there were some very funny parts but never was a stunt bed was ever involved or injured. ;)

Babies in the Bargain

BABIES IN THE BARGAIN                      MONA RISK
Posted: June 23, 2013

Babies in the BargainWith only one year left to complete her medical training in Neonatology, Dr. Holly Collier vows not to let anyone mess up her sacrosanct schedule. Especially not the drop-dead gorgeous Dr. Marc Suarez who broke her heart seven years ago.

When a tragic accident transforms the carefree playboy into a dedicated but novice father to his nephew, Holly gives in to her maternal instincts and turns her structured life upside down for the orphaned preemie. But can she learn to trust Marc again and believe in true love?


WHAT A VERY CUTE STORY. I totally enjoyed this story. You really get to run the gambit of emotions. Sadness, frustration, anger, happiness & joy. There is a whole lot to laughs about that is for sure. Holly has loved Marc for seven years after a brief relationship or so she thought it was at the time but after she saw him kiss a nurse before going back home to attend to family matters, she becomes unsure. Then, when his endearing letters stop coming & he never calls she thinks she was nothing more this doctors convenient lay. So, she goes full board on becoming the best Peds doctor she can be when he turns up at her hospital. Let the good times roll...! babies in the bargain.


LET’S WELCOME ELIZABETH SPAUR  AUTHOR OF: Rad-Reader:  Where did the idea for this storyline come from? Elizabeth...